What is your favorite firewall to use?


Friendly first discussion in the networking forum. What do you all use in your enterprise as well as networking gear?

Look forward to hearing!


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At home is a Netgate 3100.

At work are Cisco ASA 5515’s in HA. But we’re switching over to the Netgate 7100 1U HA. The units are here, in the boxes, just waiting to be configured and deployed.

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At home i have PFsense running on a Dell R210 II

Im pretty sure they use Cisco at the headend for work

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PFsense on an SG-2440

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PfSense at work and home

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EdgeRouter X at my office.
Most of my clients are using either EdgeRouter or USG.

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Since switching from hardware based pfsense to VM based pfsense, I will never go back to anything else at home. Pfsense on a vm is the best for me, running it on a custom built machine with amd fx-8350 cpu (never had a single problem with this one)

at work, we use Sonicwalls for customers and internal.

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We mostly use Edgerouters (No USG’s :nerd_face:) and for some more demanding environments, PFSense or Fortinet


We use Palo Alto at work and I use PfSense-ish at home.


Started off with a USG
Then went to pfSense in VM
Then loved it so moved to SG-2220 Appliance

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We use pfsense at out office but at home is where I do the testing of different one to see if there are any issues. Currently back to using the USG to test out VPN


I’ve been a Watchguard user for 15 years at the office. We’re about to replace an older X515 with an M370 I believe. At home I was using pfsense on a spare PC until it had some issues last night and I moved back to my Netgear firewall/VPN device.

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I use pfSense on a Dell r210 gen 2 for my SOHO network. Works seamlessly with Unifi APs and love using openVPN when I travel.

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In the last 2 years I’ve used an EdgeRouter X (which is still in service at my parent’s house), followed by an EdgeRouter Lite (currently my hot “cold” spare), and currently a pfSense box running on a 2012 i5 Mac mini using a Thunderbolt NIC for the 2nd adaptor.

I’m contemplating getting a SG-3100, or a Protectili box to replace it as I am occasionally seeing issues with the drivers on the NIC locking up which forces me to have to reboot the box. Big thing that is holding me back from that purchase is performance with Suricata, pfBlockerNG and a few other plugins running. I’m concerned about throughput and how long the box will function in a satisfactory manner before my internet connection can outrun what the box is capable of.

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OPNSense at one home, meraki teleworker gateway at the other. (house for sale :slight_smile: )

I started with a pFsense firewall at the company I was managing, move to a sonicwall then ended up with a meraki security appliance. Meraki mostly as I was more concerned with my time than the actual cost of the firewall. We were entirely a meraki shop. Wireless,switches and security appliances.

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I am using PFsense on a Mini-ITX motherboard with a fanless design using a Intel® Pentium® CPU N3700 @ 1.60GHz and a 4port Intel NIC.
Been looking at Untangle and thinking about trying it out.

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I’m running the SG-3100 at home and have been since the start of 2018. I haven’t noticed any performance hits while using Suricata or pfBlockerNG. Later on I switched to Snort over Suricata but performance remained superb.


That’s great news SandboxGeneral! Out of curiosity what sort of throughput do you see? I have a 400/20 connection here (I hope to get 1g/1g someday when my ISP grows up in this area LOL). What I’m worried about is if the SG-3100 can handle IDS/IPS of Suricata along with pfBlockerNG at line speeds outside of a lab environment.

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I use a USG at home for the moment.

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I have Charter, which is the only choice here, and my speed is 200/10. The specs on the Netgate site say it should handle 1GBe of speed so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.