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Just something i do on the weekends


I’ve only had to remove a couple of the labels, but they will mostly come off easily if you peel them off slowly, then just scrape off the rest.


Try a product called Dissolves-It. It is a orange citric based product I found to work very well at removing label residue.


How to you power/control those Noctua fans?


My UPS has a USB port meant to power/charge phones, battery banks, ect. And so these being 5V fans I used the included USB to 3/4 Pin cable. I did have to splice a few of the 3/4 pin ends ontonthe same cable and seal with with heat shrink tubing. They run at full speed but they make very little noise. They perform pretty solid and keep the equipment cool and were a fraction of the cost of pre-built options I saw on Amazon. I took a piece of steel and from the rack and fabricated my own fan mounts via a drill bit.


If you got a free POE port on your switch, you can use something like this too https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Active-PoE-24V-48V-to-12V-5V-Splitter-Network-Power-Over-Ethernet-top/142289419326

I am using one of those in a 12V version, to power two 120mm fans in my network rack.


That looks like a fun setup! Are you using the 2 towers on top of the Dell for FreeNAS?


Yes 1 storage and the other media


Hey ryan, how deep is that case at the bottom and what rack are you using? I’m asking because I have a 50cm long server case and can’t seem to find a suitable rack for a reasonable price.
Since your board is Micro-ATX i assume the case is a little shorter than 50cm.


These are the parts:

Case: https://www.logic-case.com/products/rackmount-chassis/3u/3u-short-depth-chassis-w-3-x-525-drive-bays-sc-34390/

And rack: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Linxcom-9U-19-Network-Wall-Cabinet-Data-Comms-Rack-600x600mm-Black/283026623329

The case doesn’t have any rails listed that are design to fit, but I ordered these rails and drilled an extra hole in them for a screw. They work fine:


@Night_Rider0 Does that say 940 Down and 20 Up? Wtf…That isn’t proportionate at all. I get fiber can be symmetrical, but copper should be like 940 Down 120 Up


@OscarA As an FYI, exhausting heat into your attic is against building code and is dangerous. Exhaust can create humidity/moisture which can lead to mold in the attic.


You read that correct and yes I’m aware of how strange that looks but right now that’s all the up they offer right now


That’s awesome, thanks for sharing! Have been looking everywhere for a rack like this, and luckily the manufacturer ships to Germany. I am probably gonna buy one.