Home networking pictures

I am getting closer and closer to having finished my home network, there are still some things to do, one of them getting the AP in the cabinet mounted (waiting on the cable to arrive).

Anyone else got some pictures of their home setup to share?


My home network stuff is a bit of a mess. :scream:
But it is what it is.

Under the cable jungle are:

  • 2 x 24 ports patch panels
  • Old/spare HP ProCurve 1810G (24 gigabit ports switch)
  • Routing panel
  • HPE OfficeConnect 1820-48G (48 gigabit ports switch)
  • Netgear GS108PE-100EUS (8 gigabit ports (4 x PoE) switch)
  • 2 Ubiquiti PoE injectors for 2 Unifi AC Lite Wireless Access Points

( On top of the rack is a Sonos Play 1 )


Why don’t you use the poe in the Netgear switch, for the two ap’s?

Edit: It just hit me, they are the ones with only 24v, correct?

Yes, I have the “old” AC Lite version.

Bleh :frowning: much easier with the new ones. However, if you ever change to a unifi switch, you will be able to change the ports to 24v on it.

I just put a G3 AF camera up yesterday, they got both 802.3af PoE and 24V Passive PoE now too, so that is also super easy to work with. :slight_smile:

@mikey Can you tell me where you got the brushed 1U spacers?

I got them from a Danish store, they are called DIGITUS DN-19 ORG-3U, and a google search gave me a bunch of hits, so maybe you can find a local store with them.

I don’t really have much at my house any more which is why I have not really made any videos about it, but here is my home lab setup from 2002 with a IPCop Linux firewall and Debian Linux sever that was running Unreal Tournament.


8/10 cable managment… :joy:

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This is during set up of my new 48 port UniFi Switch. … so not the finished article. :slight_smile:

This is my XCP-NG server before I upgraded the Switch

This is a poor pic of my FreeNAS box showing the connections

I will try to post better pics later after I clean things up a bit. :slight_smile:


Yeah, my home lab closet was not so well cabled in 2002. But my corporate day job I worked was. :slight_smile:

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Something about the machanic having the worst car himself… :rofl:

Are you going to use the 48, 24, and 8 port switch at the same time? :open_mouth:

Ill get photos of my lab up soon, I am partial to those TP-Link rack mount switches (GS range i think they are) good switches

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Nice, looking forward to seeing it :slight_smile:

Yup, they are all up and running. :slight_smile: I was up quite late working on that last night. I used to buy small switches but it turned into a monster so it’s better to buy a bit bigger than I need, cause I always seem to need it.

Thats a lot of ports :open_mouth: I only got the 24 port with only half of the ports used, and two 8 ports also with free ports.

I am working on putting some more cameras up, so the amount of free ports will go down a bit. And then I hope the switch will survive. My 24 port switch is with poe, and on the ubnt forum, a worrying amount of dead switches is starting to appear…

I am about to put 2x 24 port and one 16 port TP-link switches up on craigslist. Or sell them to a local business I know. They are not bad switches. However, I was ready to work with something different. UniFi is nice in that once you set up a VLAN on one… It pushes it out to the others… My gawd that saves a crazy amount of time.

You should of seen the look on my buddies face when I told him I wanted 22 drops installed… in a home. That was 2 years ago and it just keeps growing. Yup my place looks a bit like a borg cube. :sunglasses: I don’t have bedrooms, I have server rooms. :slight_smile: