Facebook Is Not Evil but


One word can describe FB unethical. The business practices and deceptions of FB marketing sucking in the gullible give reason to question the morality of the C-Suite at FB. The same can be said of Twitter and Google though to a lesser extent in the case of Google. One key thing to remember, Nothing is Free. The cost may not be measured in dollars but there is, none the less, a cost a message we in the business need to press home.

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AMEN! There is always a cost because there is no such thing as a free lunch/beer. Yes you may not be paying money for it, but someone is. There is always a cost somewhere down the line and in the case of these online services the cost often is your privacy and your data.

I’m becoming more and more wary of these companies and am starting to pull back away from them because I don’t want to give them too much.


The C-Suite at FB is still wet behind the ears! Of course, the moral compass is out of cal! From the beginning, the company has been morally questionable at best.

It’s really sad that the public at large seems to not use the common sense available! It’s turning into Darwinism without teeth! lol

When things are made to easy the results are predictably bad when in the hands of those who can not ask questions. By the way FREE is four letter word beginning with F. Nothing is free the price may not be in $ but there is a price to be paid.