Zabbix Monitoring of pfSence to check if there's an OS update?

Has anyone managed to find an easy way of checking via Zabbix if there’s a firmware/OS update available on pfSense ?

I have this setup for a lot of my devices like Synology, which is great because it means I don’t always have to keep logging in to check if there’s any updates etc or rely on notifications to a busy inbox etc.

Just wondered if there’s a non-hacky way of doing through the Zabbix agent or possibly via SNMP maybe ???
Hoping someone has some ideas on this. :slight_smile:

Hey @ad4m1! I use this template and it picks up on pfsense updates.

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@tbigs2011 Thank you. That’s a perfect solution to this problem. I was using the generic FreeBSD template to monitor it, which worked for a majority of things, but the above template looks like it has everything including all the base FreeBSD checks too.

Thanks for that. I had a feeling someone would have a template somewhere for it.

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