Xenserver Hard Drive / Whole Disk Passthrough with XCP-NG

Log into the XCP-NG host and use lsblk to find disks available

On the XCP-NG host create a directory under /srv/ where you will be linking the drives

mkdir /srv/pass_drives

Create symbolic links to the drives within the created directory, this example uses sda and sdb. Be careful not to use a drive in use either XCP-NG or any other local storage setup.

ln -s /dev/sda /srv/pass_drives/sda
ln -s /dev/sdb /srv/pass_drives/sdb

Create the storage repository

xe sr-create name-label=Pass_Drives type=udev content-type=disk device-config:location=/srv/pass_drives

The drives should show up inside of XenOrchestra, if not choose “Rescan All Disks” option at the top of the storage page for the new SR.