XCP-NG VS Proxmox 2022

Feature XCP-NG / Xen Orchestra Proxmox
Documentation XCP-ng documentation | XCP-ng documentation Proxmox VE
Paid Support Options Yes Yes
Base Operating System CentOS (but very customized & lightweight) Debian
High Availability Yes Yes
Max Supported Hosts per pool/cluster 64 Depends on hardware per their documentation (50?)
Container Management not natively suported LXC container managment
Web console for VM Management Via Xen Orchestra as a VM (XO Lite in the fututre) Native to the system
Live VM Migration between hosts Yes Yes, but only to other hosts in cluster
Live Disk Migration Yes Yes
Local Storage (see documentation) ZFS, EXT, LVM ZFS, BTRFS,LVM,EXT
Shared Storage (see documentation) NFS, iSCSI, CephFS, GlusterFS, MooseFS, CephRBD, CephiSCSI GW NFS, iSCSI, CephFS, GlusterFS, CefRBD
Thin Provisioning Yes,depends on stroage type Yes,depends on stroage type
Max supported VM Disk Size 2TB More than 2TB, depends on back end
Hyperconverged setup Yes, via XOSAN CEPH & ZFS options
Update Management & Automation Yes, via XO or via package manager Yes, via web interface or packacge manager
Integrated VM console view Yes Yes
Advanced Network: VxLAN, SDN, Firewall… Yes (see documentation) Yes (see documentation)
Cloud Init Yes Yes
Backups Full, incremental, delta, replication via XO Yes via Proxmox Backup Appliance
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Lawrence Systems tutorials on XCP-NG

Learn Linux TV Proxmox course

Learn Linux TV Proxmox Backup

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I watched… thanks for that. I’ve tried XCP-NG a couple of times and couldn’t get things working the way I like quickly enough to get me to move from proxmox which I converted to back when ESXi took a dump on me.

Anyhow, I wanted to note that backups in proxmox don’t need their backup appliance at all. I added a NAS network share as an available storage source (NFS, SAMBA, iSCSI, etc) and so long as you designate it as being available for VZDump Backups you can setup scheduled backups and snapshots into your already existing resources from the proxmox web management client or the cli.

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Here is an excellent post by @olivier.lambert who runs Vates, the company behind XCP-NG & Xen Orchestra covering some very important details regarding the history and architecture of the hypervisors

Haha. I see we spammed the XCP-NG video comments about proxmox enough to warrant this video. I haven’t watched this video yet but thanks Tom for covering this. I actually am running both XCP-NG and proxmox in my home-lab but haven’t hammered on it enough yet to really make a decision on what would work better, and which has the potential to scale into enterprise environments better.