Will you join Odysee.com?

odysee.com is a platform for uploading videos. Odysee is based on lbry.com which is open source and decentralized. It has a cryptocurrency monetization model.

  • You can automatically sync you youtube videos with odysee
  • All the videos will be automatically uploaded

At this time I don’t have a use case for that.

The chances of Youtube taking his channel down are extremely slim, the only use case would be that people like me are slowly fleeing YT and landing on Odysee as more and more of the people I watch have moved there.

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It also would mean another place I would have to check for comments and there are very few views on that platform. Let’s use the ElectroBoom channel as an example. That channel has a way bigger audience than I do. This video posted to Odysee only has 1,203 views with 4 comments since it was posted back in December 2020.


Here is the same video posted on YouTube in December 2020 with over 1.5 million views and over 5,000 comments.

I know the debate could be made it takes time to build a following on other platforms but I don’t really see the value in it right now as I am less than clear if Odysee how long term they will be. I would love to see a solid competitor for YouTube as I don’t think the ecosystem is perfect, but until that is a real option I will keep posting there. I have considered buying video hosting space on VImeo and offering that as a paid alternative for people that don’t want to watch content on YouTube, or even re-applying to FloatPlane but I am still not sure if there is really enough people that would bother with those to make it worth while.

Ha, you describe the central problem with the network effect and how to overcome it, but then don’t take the initiative. It’s zero effort!

2 years later, business is booming at Odysee! Meanwhile YouTube dot com has continued to get worse and keeps alienating its own uploaders. YouTube lost my viewership since Odysee is a completely viable replacement.

Maybe time to revisit this suggestion?

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Live events are really the only thing that still lacks on Odysee, that and the number of eyes. Since you can automatically sync your videos from YT to Odysee, there isn’t a lot of effort past setting everything up.

I haven’t seen this happen (yet), but I’m guessing that people will start getting strikes when they are discussing XYZ recent hack, how it happened, and what the result was.

Maybe I will setup auto sync if its easy, but it still barely feels worth it.

Take a popular tech channel such as “Undecided with Matt Ferrell” which post the video " Why This 17-Year Old’s Electric Motor Is Important" which has 1.1 Million views in 7 days but only received 3,142 views during the same time on Odysee. Even Jack Rhysider of Darkbet Diaries does not get views, Ep. 59: The Courthouse has 31K on YouTube and only 96 views on Odysee.

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Part of the problem is Odysee still lacks creators. EEVlab/blog has done pretty well on Odysee, or at least for a while he was saying that it was decent traffic. If everyone started to mirror their content on Odysee, it would be a lot easier for more people to switch. And at that point (or just before) Youtube would block the simple sync that Odysee uses.

As far as money goes, you get their crypto as payment. You can set up banking info to get that turned into real money. The nice thing is that if you watch enough content, as a viewer you also get paid. It’s not much, but can add up. More than Youtube will do for it’s viewers.

It also costs a small amount to post videos, at least as a small channel it costs money. Your channel is big enough that there might be options for you, but not sure.

Not saying Odysee is the most wonderful option, it’s still growing. Youtube took many years to get where it is today. And the rules keep getting murky, as I said, there could come a day where you are talking about legitimate cyber news, and they strike you for “hacking”. Yes your content should survive even a casual human review, but it will still wreck your view hours by being tried up for a day or two.

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I didn’t even know odyssey was even out there lol. So I think the simple answer is that no one probably knows it exists except for people actively looking for alternatives to YouTube. Which isn’t very many people.

People saying “business is booming at Odysee!” but the numbers completely contradicting that makes me feel people are just hyping the platform. I have some creator friends I am meeting with today and I think some of them are using automation to auto post, so I will think about it.

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Thanks for sharing this site. I was looking for the some video uplaoding sites.

This automatic cloning of videos is part of the odysee platform, all you need to do is hook odysee into your YT channel. Yes there are a couple of hoops to jump through, but it apparently works pretty easily (I haven’t tried it). Just a quick mention, EEVblog/lab releases odysee exclusives, again, he seems to be doing pretty well over there, but also hasn’t abandoned his YT channels either. Not suggesting it is a fix to all things evil, but if it takes some effort to set up the automatic cloning of content only once, then it might be a good idea to diversify.

I will say that a lot of other Linux channels are already there, it’s not all conspiracy theory and gun channels like people make it out to be. There is intelligent and polite content, just not everything I watch or I would exit YT completely.

Oddly the space and rocket launch creators are not over there yet, at least I haven’t seen them. A few of the science based channels have duplicated too. Mr. Rossmann is over there with everything.

Overall, I think it would be worth the effort to create an account, and tie it to your YT to duplicate everything in the background. Maybe it becomes worth while, maybe it is always a backup, but at least the information will be backed up. And again, live stuff is not as simple on the surface, I still haven’t looked into it to see what’s really needed. Still a very young platform.

I can send you a referral if you want, but doesn’t mean much coming from a tiny channel, I think you would be better off contacting Odysee directly and setting up a deal with them. Bigger creators get deals. If you need help you might see if you can contact Dave at EEVblog and see what he can do since he is “big” on odysee.

It is one of those chicken or egg kind of things.

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