Will you join Odysee.com?

odysee.com is a platform for uploading videos. Odysee is based on lbry.com which is open source and decentralized. It has a cryptocurrency monetization model.

  • You can automatically sync you youtube videos with odysee
  • All the videos will be automatically uploaded

At this time I don’t have a use case for that.

The chances of Youtube taking his channel down are extremely slim, the only use case would be that people like me are slowly fleeing YT and landing on Odysee as more and more of the people I watch have moved there.

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It also would mean another place I would have to check for comments and there are very few views on that platform. Let’s use the ElectroBoom channel as an example. That channel has a way bigger audience than I do. This video posted to Odysee only has 1,203 views with 4 comments since it was posted back in December 2020.


Here is the same video posted on YouTube in December 2020 with over 1.5 million views and over 5,000 comments.

I know the debate could be made it takes time to build a following on other platforms but I don’t really see the value in it right now as I am less than clear if Odysee how long term they will be. I would love to see a solid competitor for YouTube as I don’t think the ecosystem is perfect, but until that is a real option I will keep posting there. I have considered buying video hosting space on VImeo and offering that as a paid alternative for people that don’t want to watch content on YouTube, or even re-applying to FloatPlane but I am still not sure if there is really enough people that would bother with those to make it worth while.