Where do you buy your used hardware?

I haven’t bought computer hardware anywhere other than my local Goodwill Computer Store (every now and then you find some great deals) in a long time.

Every online retailer seems to have become a platform for anyone under the sun that wants to sell things, so its hard to trust anyone these days.

I would love to hear about where people go to buy used hardware and why.

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I’ve gotten quite a bit from eBay, some from Craigslist and have been looking on Facebook. Why? Because that’s where I found good deals.

I’m in the process of upgrading my home lab and will get selling several servers and a 10G switch in the near future if you’re anywhere near Central WI.

Ebay is my go-to for any older enterprise gear I want to play around with. If it’s faulty then I can return it. Unless they specify it was faulty to begin with. I also look at their return policy.

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Thanks for sharing. I’m way out west in Eugene, Oregon, so shipping probably won’t be great, but I am curious. Feel free to DM me.

I’ve used Ebay and at one time a fellow on Amazon was selling HGST drives, pretty sure they came from a data center. The ones I got reported zero hours IIRC a 4TB was $100 or so, it’s been a couple of years since I bought a few, all are still running. However, I’m a home user so not a lot of R/Ws going on.