What we like to se on YouTube

I think there should be a topic here on what we like to se more of on the channel. Just tips to Tom. i know Tom only does things that is close to heart and i love that. Not selling out.
And i can start with some tips.

i wold love to se more real world examples, i know you have hard time with NDAs and so on, but maybe generic examples build on real world. not possible to trace to the company. use diagrams. to se some different examples on setups. even examples with … microsoft … equipment, even if it is hard to say.

I also miss the other guys, love hearing Tom speak on interesting topics, but the vlogs with all the staff is rely fun to. understand that time is money and so on, but anyway.

What else?? fill the topic so Tom never have to be bored :smiley:

It was great seeing @LTS_The_Steve on the the Linux gaming video! Not that we don’t love Tom’s face, but hearing about some of the topics @LTS_Tom discusses from the “lineman’s” perspective might be informative and interesting!

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