What is your choice for CRM software?

If you use CRM do you use an on prem selfhosted solution or do you use a SaaS? My choice is Suite CRM the FOSS fork of Sugar CRM very complete, I do not sell this product but do recommend. From contact to invoicing on prem. Support and consulting for LOB is also offered really like the software on a LAMP stack access from browser. Check Suite CRM out see if it’s right for you. https://suitecrm.com/

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Thanks for sharing it. I am considering to try CRM and was trialing vTiger but was not very happy. Why do you like suitecrm? and do you use it for IT business? Can you please give more details? so i can relate to how i can use it. I am thinking of using for my IT business too.

Thank you … samit

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I use SuiteCRM for email campaigns create different templates for a variety of audiences, scheduling follow up phone calls; managing appointment schedules; invoicing; and vendor contacts. Suite CRM is the open source fork of Sugar CRM, it has solid support if needed and a host of plugins both free and paid. It is a very flexible system that allows keeping client data organized in one place including a history of what you have done and when you did it. You should go to their web site and look at the demo. Let me know what you think. They also have ready to install VM images.

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Thank you for the details. I went to their site and checked out demo. it looked promising so i downloaded VM image. Installing right now. Wonder what Tom and his team use for CRM?. I will give you an update tomorrow on how i go with the install and test. Super thanks. :slight_smile:

  • Samit
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Tom doesn’t really use a CRM, at least that is what I’ve surmised from watching his videos. He likes doing everything from invoice Ninja. It works for him but I rather like CRM more insight into what and where things are heading. Keep me updated you probably will not use all the features but over time you will grow the use. Glad I could help.

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I just wanted to say thank you to you. I installed SuiteCRM as a VM and have started trialing it. It seems quite intuitive and good. Created few Accounts, created cases, and now will test with invoicing tomorrow. Although I am using and do prefer InvoiceNinja for few months now after watching Tom’s video. :smile:

I think I am going to enjoy using SuiteCRM. Watched all the videos i can get my hands on and now getting my hands dirty with it before i start using it in production environment.

super thanks.

You are welcome. Client’s have had the same reaction Suite is well done and very flexible, it “just works.”

Did you install as a VM via Univention Portal? I am just wondering if thats a good option for production environment or not? I see its only set up as 5GB HDD space in VM and am worried it might get full quickly and cause issues. How have you setup your system?

Built VM ob VMware with Ubuntu Server storage on FreeNAS thin provisioning. Keep system clean spool off old out dated data. The VM image can also be adjusted just like building.

Thank you. I think i might do the same.

SugarCRM is the best out there. That project left the Opensource world around two years ago (they started charging), so then it was forked to SuiteCRM.

We still use an old installation of SugarCRM, super customized and its our main software.

We combine it with iDempiere as our ERP.

Great pieces of software

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Did you follow specific site for tutorials on how to install? did you use apache or nginx ? I am getting stuck but will get there. :slight_smile:

I liked Sugar from the outset and when they went uptown thought I’d have to search for another CRM, thankfully it was forked. Researched IDempiere and others for a client they pickedd OpenERP now called OODO. The open source community has created some truly outstanding software.

Apache already on the system. I do like nginx it is leaner and faster, one day I’ll get around to moving things around but time is a factor. Had to reach out to the community on a issue but can’t remember the what and why. Once SuiteCRM is up and running you’ll have little trouble.

iDempiere is a whole different level than OpenErp (Odoo). We use both, but a total different playing field. iDempiere is a super robust ERP (I believe its a fork o Compiere o Adempiere (not sure)). They have another “cousing”, which is called OpenBravo which we use since about 7 years ago, very similar specs, but hands down we would go with iDempiere. There’s a guy online that has done wonders to push the iDempiere project. His name is Chuck Boecking. https://www.chuckboecking.com/

Our infrastructure is:
ERP: OpenBravo (although we still use it because we have it earlier but prefer iDempeire)
ERP1: iDempiere. We use is as inventory management, quoations etc etc)

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Open Bravo I am familar with they have an POS that I designed / speced a network for. iDempiere I believe is derived from Adempiere. OpenERP was choice made by client for sake of simplicity and what their admin was willing to take on needing only a few modules.

Haven’t taken a hard look at Sugar since SuiteCRM which works for me. Going to look at Chuck Boecking’s web site. Thanks for the info, always open to new and better.

hi G-aitc, was looking at suitecrm, but dont see any customer portal option? liking suitecrm however lack of customer portal is a issue for me. thanks for the suggestion

Hi all,

I’m running similar business and size probably smaller than Tom. Currently not using any CRM but not sure if CRM will help. As for remote support, we’ve used Logmein Central before switching to Anydesk as the costing for Logmein was no longer friendly in 2015. Currently we are testing ZohoAssist.

As for Onsite IT Support, we still uses a multi-ply (carbon copy) Jobsheet for our technician to record cases and mitigation while onsite. I’m looking at “Document Management System” whereby the Jobsheet can be digitized as form. But going a step further, why not having a CRM system where all these “cases” can be recorded, assigned to clients so they can reference it later, and connect to billing as well? Not sure there’s such system available.

Any suggestions?

In my company we use Hubspot (SaaS). It has several levels of subscriptions but even with the free plan you have plenty of features: from Sales CRM, contacts management, email campaign and more.

We like it especially 'cause it’s very easy to use.

My Best Choice is Empellor CRM and I also recmmended you this software https://empellorcrm.com. I am using this for software for 3 years.