Webhosting Linux server

a while ago i ran a program that was easy to use but a graphic webiterfae could where you could set up websites, ftp user, Mysql and administrate this. on a Linux machine. Type as cpanel. Someone who knows which? it was free

I’ve used the triple threat of Webmin, Virtiualmin, Usermin in the past with decent results.

Webmin is good, but I really recommend if you are doing it professionally that you learn the command line. https://youtu.be/szW1fJ-tf5Y

Very true, I wasn’t doing it professionally so I used the tool. If I were to do it all over again CLI it would be because its more versatile.

Am I understanding you correctly in that you used that software, but don’t know which it was and are now trying to find it? In that case, maybe it was one of these: https://www.tecmint.com/web-control-panels-to-manage-linux-servers/

Hi mrab95
I think the program you are refering to is ISPCONFIG.

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check out vestacp, although vestacp was recently forked into an awesome project called hestiacp which is what were using for hosting clients. Its a very active development group there.

Have you tried cyberPane?l