Wall Fishing Tools & How To Use Them When Dealing With Fire Stops and Insulation

Nice way to end this video :slight_smile:


The ending before or after my usual end roll :thinking: ?

I would say before your usual end roll!

Oh does this video bring back memories of when I was a contract for Charter/Spectrum!

I’ve used this tool for years to cut single and double gang holes.

Single-Double gang template

Oh, I had stopped the video during your usual end roll, went back to watch the piece after.

But I was referring to finding some cold refreshments in the wall.

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Quick question, as your way of doing cabling seems different from the two standards we teach from Leviton and Honeywell, do you only drill the minimum hole size for each? Or do you drill a larger hole to expand? When we run cable, we usually run on sites with metal studs and framing, so we drill a 3/4 inch hole and place a plastic or rubber gasket around the opening to prevent cutting or damage.

The hole sized varies based on the job, but you may have noticed we had a metal framed part that is for a future video and for those you would use the insert to avoid damage to the cable.

Very nice Video. Thanks for making videos about IT, that also deal with more of the service and commissioning point of view.