VLOG Thursday 228

I am giving away the TinyPilot to a random winner who comments here telling us how this little Raspberry PI KVM will help your tech setup. We are ONLY shipping to inside the USA. A winner will be picked by June 8th and we will contact the winner via a DM on on this forum to get the shipping address.

VLOG Thursday 228 Tiny Pilot KVM Giveaway, TrueNAS, pfsense, and Business Talk

The reivew Raspberry Pi KVM over IP


Hey Tom and everyone at LTS, it would be awesome to be an owner of one of these guys. I run a few XCP-NG hosts in my homelab that already have IPMI but my storage server doesn’t. This would be a great addition.

Thanks as always for all the time you put in to help the community!


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I would use this to help manage the Proxmox node running my Plex LXC and other HTPC related applications!

Hey Tom, I would use this to more easily monitor my proxmox box running truenas and untangle. Right now I have to go out to the garage, plug a monitor in to the system (since there’s nowhere to leave one), and then do maintenance through that.

I’d love to get one of these for my HomeLab. Always a pain to get in here when I break something :joy:


To be honest, I’m just getting around to setting up my home lab, and this would be great to avoid waking up the wife in the middle of the night to get to the server rack

I like playing with new toys. Great way to learn.

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Thought about building one for emergency crash cart for troubleshooting. Loved the earlier video you posted in how it compares to pikvm

Just convinced a client to purchase one because they recently had a server fail to boot and the CIO is planning on moving back to the East Coast from California but still wants to monitor his servers remotely even if they won’t boot. I also added a physical KVM to the config to spread the TinyPilot features across several servers. This will work great for them and of course, I want one in my home lab config now as well.

I can find all kinds of uses for this, would be useful for work and lab.
Thank you

This would be great to either ship/send or leave at a clients to have that ability to get into a computer that will not boot to an OS or leave hooked up to critical systems.

I’d love to pilot one of these with my NUC VM hosts.

Howdy - love your content - would love to get that little piKVM! I would use the crap out of it to remote into my systems and control my home server! Thanks!

The PI KVM would be a great addition to my toolkit.

Would love to have this to add ipmi to my game server host (running on non server platform for high clock speed) the rest of my hosts have ipmi built in so its really annoying to work on compared to my dell/supermicro servers with ipmi.

Many times I have taken the walk of shame, keyboard and monitor in hand to my server rack to fix an issue that locked me out. It would be amazing to not have to take walks of shame anymore…

Definitely an economic alternative to picking up an old school rack mount IP KVM off ebay and all those dongles

Hey there, I’m a disabled IT nerd, and being disabled, means I’m completely broke, and it’s difficult to get cool tools like this. I have a plex server, and a few other boxes I would love to be able to manage with it…

Thank you again for the chance!

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Hi everyone! I would benefit from one of these units by allowing me to remotely control my at-home office computer. Good luck to everyone, and keep up the great work!

Like many here, This would be an amazing help managing MY homelab.