I just wanted to inform those who were considering buying these switches that even though they have 28x 10GbE and 4x 25GbE ports, that they are still capped at only setting up 6 aggregation channels.

Given that their name is AGGREGATION switches, I think the limitation of only 6 channels is a bit too restrictive.
I’m currently enquiring with Ubiquiti if they can increase this restriction on these switches, but I have a feeling I know what the answer will be.
We brought 2 of these switches and linked them together using 2x SFP28 cables, to give us an aggregated 50GbE backbone (technically not 50GbE but you know what I mean), and then intended to link out of these 2 switches to all our other switches, but firstly you can’t aggregate across these 2 switches, so you’re stuck with still putting your links into one switch, but then your also limited to only 5 aggregated links when one of the aggregations is assigned to the link between the 2 switches.

I just wanted to give people a heads up on this in case others are considering doing this.
Has anyone used these switches and just opted to leave the ports un-aggregated and just live with one out of 2 or 4 ports being inactive (failover mode) ?? Ideally that’s ok for resiliency but I really hoped to be able to use LACP to load balance rather than just have failover for all our other swtiches.

MC-LAG or stacking is absolutely a missing feature in Unifi switches. The lagg limit from my understanding is because they pre-allocate the LAGG groups 1-6 on each switch, so to increase the lagg count they’d have to increase the pre-allocated groups. They really need to split the firmware off for these higher end switches or whatever else needs to be done to bake in the features needed for “pro” or “enterprise” switches.

I completely agree there gsrfan01.

I did however have a reply from Unifi this morning, and it does appear that they are addressing this in a future firmware release. Currently they are testing this in BETA.

Extract from their 2 replies this morning:

As of now the USW-Pro-Aggregation switch only supports up to 6 individual LAGs but we are planning to increase the maximum LAG interfaces on high port density switches in a future USW release.

In addition to the previous reply, the changes have already been implemented and being tested under beta firmware currently and it should be available to the public in the near future.

So good news by the looks of it. I look forward to seeing that come through very soon hopefully :slight_smile:

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Firmware 5.64.2 has this improvement. Currently in Beta but looking at the notes on there i think it’ll be released fairly soon. Everyone who has installed that firmware seems to be working fine. I’ll wait until it’s officially released, but it looks like they are going to increase the number of LAGGs for all their Pro switches and not just the enterprise ones too, which will be good.

Firmware 5.64.8 is now available in production and I can confirm they have increased the number of aggregate ports. Happy days :slight_smile:

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What is is up to now?