Ok, so I wanted to get this on here a few days ago so that @LTS_Tom can look at it before today’s live stream because I’d love to get his opinion on it after he’s had a few days at least to play around with it (if he can pull himself away from his new shiny gadget long enough! Lol). All kidding aside, if I got a Tesla nobody would hear from me for a few months! Lol.

I stumbled across this from r/msp and have poked at it some with and without the buttons and like the concept and that it’s actively being developed. However, I don’t have a lot of Windows machines I can use to mess around with (most of my current clients are MacOS based) so I’d like to know if anyone on here already has signed up, or would be interested in giving this a try.

Right now, when you sign up you get $100 credit on the platform and two buttons mailed to you. They told me it might be a couple of weeks to get my test buttons but I got them in a couple of days. One of the things that I really like about what they’re doing is that it’s set up so that you don’t need to have the physical buttons deployed at your clients to have this be of use. It’s not dependent on you using a particular ticketing system, and you can load up your own scripts to run when the hotkey/button is pressed.

Other than the schizophrenic name, it looks promising and highly recommend you at least give a look over! Cheers.

Youtube demo video

Novel, but many of the help desk programs allow users to connect right to you fairly easily.

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I’m approaching this as a possible sales tool. I’m not a big fan of the little apps that sit on client machines available to me because of the lack of info captured when a client has a problem.

The biggest interest to me about this service is that it provides a ton of info when the client makes the request automagically.

What PSA/RMM are you using now, and what additional information does this provide vs what your PSA provides?

Currently, I do not have a PSA. And for RMM I’m using Kabuto, purely as it’s less expensive for the low volume I’m at right now - once I ramp up I’m planning on switching to CW or NinjaRMM depending on the cost vs features when I get to that point. With Kabuto, I get a fair amount of basic general info about the machine, but when a user creates a request I don’t get a lot of contextual info. I’m sure that other RMMs/PSAs give more info but I’m not using them right now.

With HelpDeskButtons (they need a shorter name!) when a user presses the button or hotkey I get a lot of context to the problem. Once the button is pressed the following happens:

  • a slideshow of the last 20 actions the user did
  • a report of:
    • running processes
    • memory usage
    • CPU usage
    • disk usage
    • hardware status
  • network diagnostics and usage report
  • any script(s) I specify get run (like TechSuite, or my own diag script, etc)
  • and the user is prompted for a short statement of their problem
    (There’s a bit more this does, but that’s what I’m more interested in. Here’s a link to the details.)

All of this is fed into whatever ticketing system I use. The nice thing is that they have connectors for a few larger ticketing systems right now, but they also have the option to file tickets by email so that a ticketing system they don’t have a connector for can still get input from this service.

It’s something that I’m digging into to see if it’s of any value other than “This is a simple way for your employees to report problems and get help!” sales tool.

At a glance it looks like the only thing I’m missing is a list of the last 20 things the user did. Looking at my tickets, very few of them are software issues where something crashed or something. What does your environment look like?

Hi, I am one of the owners of the project. I’m happy to answer any questions. (If thats ok? I don’t know if vendor posts are against the rules) I think one of the big advantages to our project is on the communication side as it gives an extremely low barrier to entry to putting in perfect tickets. There is no end user training involved. Also you get this information as real time when the event occurred information rather than looking it up later. It also is a fairly powerful sales tool and puts your branding on the clients desk for the same cost as a USB hub. It’s been very useful for us, It absolutely doesn’t solve every problem but it helps considerably on certain ones and can be a huge difference in intermittent problems that are hard to find. It also gives us a very good idea what “my computer is broken” means when we can see what the user was doing before they put the ticket in. Aoftware crashes are some number of tickets, but user error and misunderstanding is a much bigger category and this lets you see what they were doing wrong before you try to troubleshoot something that isn’t actually broken. The beta is closed at the moment but here is an example of the tickets you get with the product. https://dev.helpdeskbuttons.com/pressView/0.3.php?pressID=example2 Anyway, we are a small team just trying to make something cool. Would love to hear what you guys think and if we can incorporate it.


Welcome Alex, Glad you found our little corner of the world! Just out of curiosity, how did you find this post? Google?

At any rate, I think you’ll find @LTS_Tom and everyone else here very helpful if you have any questions with a variety of topics.

One of my devs posted a link to this post in our discord channel. I can’t get over the fact that people are talking about this. Seems like a cool forums, I have been reading a bit this morning. Seems like a lot of people here are using the same stack we use in house. pfSense, unifi, freenas at most of our clients.


I had to google “schizophrenic”

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@just_some_random_dud Vendor posts discussing their products are very welcome. I might take a closer look at your product as it does more than I initially thought it did :slight_smile:

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I would love to hear your thoughts. We are in beta right now and just trying to get a good idea of peoples workflows and what we can do to improve that. We closed registrations but I can get you an account to play with if you want to try it.

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@just_some_random_dud Do you plan on having integrations with Connectwise Manage?

Hi Mike, We already have an integration with Connectwise manage. It’s been getting some development time lately also now that people are putting it through it’s paces.

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