The WAN show of linus tech tips

Take a gander at two important topics: 1 what can happen to your data CC info employment data etc when a company goes belly up 2 On line free speech being limited by pressure from corporations being targeted.

First: The source for both points @g-aitc makes is the Jan 4, 2019, WAN show on the Linus Tech Tips channel.

Second: I’m going to venture that there’s a chance that @LTS_Tom doesn’t want this topic here because of the risk that it’ll spiral into a flame war (in which case he’ll likely either close the thread or delete it). I can also see that the points and implications are extremely relevant to (what I see as the point of the forums, and even why he has them here instead of on FB) most everyone on (and future visitors to) the forums - “the little guy”.

All that said, thank you for pointing this out to me, not only for the two points that you brought up, but also because I’ve been following the NCIX epic for a while now and some how missed the update!

As IT consultants, managers, VARs, MSPs we need to be cognizant of these issues if we are to properly advise clients and ourselves. The issues applies to product claims advertising and pr. Big money is often used to stifle bad reviews and criticisms.

NCIX debacle should have never happened and somewhat goes to my first point. Remember the SCO suicide by lawsuit.