Switch to a new RMM?

Thanks Tom. Looking forward to the review.

Thank you very much for sharing ! :slightly_smiling_face:

Any thoughts on SynchroRMM? $129/mo unlimited.

So far NinjaRMM is looking very good. We still need to iron out some pricing though.

I’m testing it right now and so far, I like what I see :grin:

One thing that I’m trying to do is make winget work through their script functionality (as they allow management of only a few third-party apps through their system, unless I missed something)

I will also dig into the possibility of monitoring systems through SNMP without the need to use a machine on-site. One of their agents told me that on the next update, they will make importing of OIDs available, I don’t know if it’s gonna allow this. It would be kind of overkill to put a machine on each customer site only for one or two SNMP hardware :slight_smile:

We use Syncro at my company. We’re small (fewer than 10 employees), and have only been using it for less than a year. For what we do (remote monitoring, remote management of workstations) it’s been simply awesome, esp. at the price of $129j/month. We have not yet run into any limitations, but probably because we don’t ask a lot from it.

Ok, wow. That spreadsheet had to have taken up hundreds of manhours to put together. Thank you for sharing that, that’s extremely generous of you, to put it lightly. I lost a long weekend to studying just a fraction of that, comparing a handful of companies for our own use, so I know what must have gone into that. We use Syncro at our company and love it, but we’re very small and have a small client base, but for us it’s perfect.

Check out Custodian360 - We get S1 through them and for £1 more we get managed SOC.

I looked at the Custodian360 website and it’s a combination of confusing and broken.

What do you mean by anything good?
Have you heard negative things? Can
You give us an example? I’m testing Bitdefender right now. Thx.

What are you guys paying for ninja? I know it’s tiered. But I’m trying to find out if I’m getting a proper deal.
250 agents.

I won’t be posting prices publicly as it can be a violation of their terms.

Understood. I was asking the other posters.

I am also on the verge of getting started with them, so I still don’t know how much they will charge for the number of devices I got to monitor so far, but I saw on some sites that it could be around 3 or 4 dollars per device, depending on the tier, I guess !

I don’t have the same amount of devices you have to monitor yet, but I understand there’s a minimum of 50. What I still don’t know is if you gotta pay each tier in full, or if you pay per device after the first 50 devices.

Thanks for sharing the answers it will be helpful to me.

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Well I took the plunge and went with NinjaOne. I’m almost finished transferring all my customer machines from Solarwinds to Ninja. So far so good.

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I’m about to validate too, so far I’m happy with what I’ve seen :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking forward to Tom’s upcoming video :smiley:

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Come on Tom, make the video!!