Switch to a new RMM?

I’ve been using Solarwinds RMM for several years. Is there anything else out there that you guys prefer?
What about NinjaRMM? It looks like Connectwise has a new one called ConnectwiseRMM.

We are moving to Ninja, but I won’t be publishing all the details on that just yet, soon though.


Whoa, didn’t see that coming.

We use Pulseway. We’ve used Datto in the past, but since they went public (IPO) their prices went up and support/developments have lagged behind. Plus, double and triple overbilling occurred alot.

Syncro is okay for small shops. Same for Atera. But, if you plan to expand, look elsewhere.

Kaseya recently had another breach. We were interested, but the sales reps we talked to kind of just sweeped it under the rug and continued like it didn’t happen.

We moved to Pulseway mainly for the mobile app honestly.


Will you continue to use Solarwinds Backup or move to Ninja Backup?
Will you continue Sentinel One?

We will continue with Sentinel One and will probably move the the NinjaBackups

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I have a phone meeting setup today with Ninja. Let’s see how it goes.

@LTS_Tom – I too think I have run the course with N-able and was looking at Ninja. Is there anything in particular about ninja or N-able that made you choose to switch?

The more modern interface is nice, but mostly better ways to managed things in a co-managed enviroment.

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Years ago we used N-Central, …and about 2 years ago…after years of getting tired and frustrated from increasing costs and worse and worse support…looked at alternatives and went with SyncroMSP. Very happy we made the switch.

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Hey I know you from the Technibble forums. And yes, I agree about Solarwinds.
You also have to watch the billing like a hawk.

Ahh which alias do you use there?
Yeah…“YeOldeStonecat” was my usual alias for various online tech forums for the past 30 years, started in the online gaming days with Quake 1 (back in the dial up days). Else, it’s Brian Mayo IRL

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Wow, I just sent an email to N-Able as I was happy to see it had all we needed to serve our customers, but I’ll wait a little bit and hear what you have to say about all this :slight_smile:

We are currently using Zabbix, but it doesn’t allow anything at the OS level other than monitoring services, that’s the main thing that’s missing, along with the UI and UX that needs to improve a lot !

Has anyone used Zabbix, or is still using it ?

Zabbix is nice for monitoring systems especially Linux one but is not really practical and falls short compared to the tools you get with NinjaOne or N-Able.

I sent a bunch of questions to both N-Able and NinjaOne this week, and from what I understand, Ninja One doesn’t need to have a machine on-site to monitor and maintain devices ? If that’s confirmed, that’s a huge green flag for me :grin::ok_hand:(If it also includes devices on which you can’t install agents, like routers, switches, printers and NAS).

The person I am talking to said that they will allow to import OIDs in the next update !

I can’t find N-Able prices anywhere, but I saw on a few websites that NinjaOne charges $3 per device. If that’s still the case, and if there’s no other fixed price, that’s a second green flag !

N-able RMM is solely cloud based

Both RMM’s are cloud based, both have agents that are loaded on Windows systems that can monitor other network devices. They both have many of the same features, but Ninja has a much different interface which I found a bit more intuitive as it’s more modern looking.

There is this spreadsheet to give you a better idea of the comparison to all the RMM products out there


Are you using Sentinel One through Solarwinds? if so is it the standalone or RMM?
And why didn’t you switch to NinjaRMM EDR Gravity Zone ATS & EDR and webfilter?

We get S1 from Pax8 and I have not heard anything good about the Gravity Zone product

Why Pax8 and not Solarwinds?

You can get the full product and full dashboard for about the same price.