Suggestion on free backup software?

Hello, I’m looking for a free backup solution that can backup my windows/mac/linux files etc. If anyone has suggestions that would be great.

I have not used it in a while, but used to work well and is cross platform.


Here are some options as well.

@DanDragon576 If you data resides on a Linux server I would suggest Veeam Free Backup for Linux Veeam also has a Windows version both will work for server or work station. If you have a FreeNAS box IxSystems is offering a free version of the Asigra backup software good for 10 servers or desktops. These are very easy to install and use and very reliable for producing verified backups. When failure is not an option. The Veeam software not only backs up your data but the entire system, makes for easy disaster recovery.

Thank you, I’ll try this one out.

We always do a traditional copy and paste on our users workstation but sometimes copying files got interrupted because of long named folder or extension format…
Will this prevent that problem from happening?

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Files are compressed before sending to BU device. See post from faust.

@faust Especially useful on my Win & laptop even though it has an SSD still like to have that external drive just in case. It’s the 2 is 1 rule. Same goes for Linux desktops.

Backup how ? Do you want to backup your client machines to a FreeNAS ? or to cloud storage ? or external drives ?

There duplicati , veem , even rsync can be used in most cases. But it all depends on the solution you are trying to achieve.

Normally people want their data to sync with their fileservers and then have a backup from the file server to another server / cloud

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That’s why @satisha I suggested the Veeam End Point software, does all the above simple and easy to use. Ease of use is important both for backup and restore ops if it’s to complex shortcuts happen and that invites failure.

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@g-aitc need to still play with it … perhaps one day. At the moment, my office uses all files on servers. Certain users work with a local copy on their pc and copy to their shared folder for the rest of the group. I will probably work with rsync or something for this. The idea is that these users will have 1 copy at any given point of time and since the file sizes are 10MB upto 200MB at times each, their offline copy will always be quick to work with.

@satisha Similar setup but on laptops 2 copies of data synced with server and also backed up.

Yep same. My FreeNAS syncs to my Synology daily to backup

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@satisha Have you had any issues with Synology?

As a backup device ? No. I used to use as a primary device here for the past 6 years, but lacked snapshots and was limited to 50M/sec write rate. That’s the advertised speed for the RS812.

The other devices normally are able to get gigabit write speeds or slightly less normally.

So if you want a cheap backup device where snapshots aren’t as important, it’s fine. That also means you can’t use FreeNAS replication task.
If you just want rsync, the devices are cheap. I would probably consider qnap though, they generally tend to have much better specs.

This isn’t free to do cross platform but pretty cheap. the program is called SyncbackSE or Pro. They have a free version but it wouldn’t do all you need. The main backup program would have to run on Windows then they have a Mac, Linux, Android agents that talk to the software on a Windows box. It’s just a files/folders type of backup but it’s really amazing and reliable. Been using for 10+ years without issues.
When I do a server migration I use it to sync the file shares. It can copy the file permissions. I know Robocopy but I like a pretty interface.

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It depends on your specific needs. And what kind of backup you want. Local, remote, incremental, etc

Rsync is a command line utility that makes differential backups to a drive or remote location. It can work on Mac, linux and windows.

You can make an script to backup certain directory or folder.

With a little scripting you can make it incremental, like apple time machine where in the default directories you find the current backup and on directories named as dates, you find the files as they were on that date.

There are other options more user friendly or more convenient. For example setting up a freenas server and export storage as needed Smb, WebDAV, sshfs, NFS, etc and then run a backup software on each client. The one that comes with default with each os or third party.

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Love Duplicati, use it to backup files and folders for my father. Even he can restore files after a little workshop with me.


Sorry about delayed response. If youre looking for a file backup solution (not a block), I really like borg and recently discovered GUI for borg known as Vorta. Produces encrypted, versioned archives. I’ve never used Duplicati so I really can’t compare but Borg/Vorta seems to be a nice solution although I’m not sure how well it would scale in larger environments.

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