Suggestion on free backup software?

If it’s a linux/bsd machine, even a mac you can use rsync. Rsync is really powerful.


Duplicati for file level. Veeam also has a free agent as well.


The Veeam free is a excellent easy to use and very powerful BU tool. It is also a disaster recovery tool check out its features, incrementals rolled into synthetic fulls verified file and directory recovery up to full system restore.


Doesnt look like Veamm supports Xen, xcp-ng unfortunately.

Try the Linux bare metal Veeam since XCP-NG is Linux it should backup the entire host. Started to test a while back but got busy and the available server was shipped out for other demos.


Has anyone used Veeam Agent for Windows as a replacement for BackupExec? I would also be curious if anyone has used Amazon’s storage gateway software/device? Our old BackupExec died today so I am looking for something to backup five servers to FreeNAS (for local) and Amazon (for offsite).

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If your client PC is windows based you can use the built in robocopy function from the command line or powershell. Its super powerful and robost. It has long filename support, much better than the windows copy/paste commands. You could setup a script that syncs your WIndows PC data to your NAS device.

Robocopy with the /MIR switch syncs data so the folders remain the same in each location. With the /MIR or /COPY:D /S switch it only copies data that has changed so its fast. Obviously to make this a viable backup solution your NAS needs to take copies of all the versions or at the very least shadow copies. Though I’d recommend an offsite backup for more protection.

Here’s a quick script to get you started:

robocopy “C:\MyData” “\MyNASShare\MyData” /MIR

(\MyNASShare\ could also be mapped drive)

Yes and it works well, certified with TrueNAS and there by FreeNAS, iXsystems has a write up. Incrementals synthetic fulls. Try it works with servers and workstations small footprint and integrates with Veeam’s other products.