SSH Keys in Windows

Hi all,

im on with a project which involves a Windows Server and the transferring of files to an Rsync server over the internet, using SSH. On the Linux server I have created SSH keys. Im trying to figure out how to install/import those keys into Windows so that I can run the Rsync backup on a schedule without it asking for a passphrase… Lots of info on Google regarding Linux to Linux and being able to do this but not Windows. The Windows system has DeltaCopy client installed which is a wrapper for Rsync. However, DeltaCopy even though it has the option to connect via SSh it doesnt work too well unless you first run the Rsync command manually and accept the SSH host key.


It has been a number of years since I have used Deltacopy, but I think you put the keys in the Deltacopy foldet itself and you also use a config file and specify StrictHostKeyChecking no to the first time it connects it will get past that prompt.

They have it in their example.

ahhh ok thanks for that, so if I use SSH-Keygn on the Linux side and export the key it gives me a .pub file. This is where Im stuck. is that what I copy to the DeltaCopy folder?

Actually its in what you send me on the site, ill give that a go.

The .pub file is what you put on the client side of the connection. So, yes - the .pub file is what would go in the DeltaCopy folder.