SMLR Episode 297 Kernel 420 Compile It



I’m pretty sure it was this episode that you guys were talking about the feedback for the “music” in the SMLR episodes and it’s the end music that was wthe only part of the episodes I’d skip. Though, I do enjoy the titles of the songs!

Honestly, I like the “bumps” (thanks @LTS_Tom, I never knew that’s what they’re called), for some reason the show just doesn’t seem complete (almost unpolished) without the bumps. Especially when you guys transition into the news and district-watch, you guys always have a pause while you’re reading you notes (I imagine anyway). It also feels like you’re used to and waiting for the bumps to pass before talking.


Yeah, perhaps we just need to remaster a few of them and work on better audio leveling so they match the volume level of the rest of the show.


The volume levels being off between the bumps and the rest of the show didn’t bother me that much, maybe I just got used to it really quick. Even though I mostly listen through earbuds I wasn’t ever bothered. But, I’m likely in the minority as far as the levels go. :man_shrugging:


I’m glad the bumps are gone mostly because the volume difference was so jarring since I often listen with earbuds. I also think the show has a good flow without them too.

Question: On the show I think Jay mentioned there was a fix for using Firefox with a dark theme in a Linux distro. He mentioned that MX Linux 18 does this automatically. Does anyone have a good link of what you need to do to do the fix yourself if your distro doesn’t do that fix for you?


@mowest Take a look at this.


Thanks @mouseskowitz, it looks like a good solution to the dark theme issue in Firefox. I run Bodhi Linux and love their dark themes, but Firefox seems to have that same issue that was discussed in the podcast by Jay. I also found the Firefox extension to fix the issue as well. I’m not sure which is the better option, I will probably try both.