Smartphone recommendations

Hi Guys,

I’m considering a mid range android phone (up to $400 USD). Just curious what do you guys recommend from a privacy, and security / update point of view.

Also what mobiles security tools do you recommend?

Well, from a security point of view, I would say that the iPhone is your best bet. Nothing is 100% secure, but the iPhone is more secure than Android.

I currently have a Pixel 2XL, but you can’t beat the Pixel3A for the price / performance and camera. As for security, Both Apple and Google make devices with good security, the problem is when you go with non-google produced phones that customize android and that the carriers that may customize it further and cause delays in the updates.

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I have a Pixel 3. Really happy with it.

Vote for oneplus here. I have been using a OnePlus 3T for many years now. The pie version of Oxygen OS is weak so I am using a custom rom called skydragon. It is great. That being said I will likely be buying the OnePlus 7T when it is released next month. Oxygen OS (oneplus version of android) is kept up to date…But not as frequent as google Pixel. Just can’t see me spending that much on a pixel 4 when it is released. Never iphone for me.

I’ve been using the original Pixel since it came out. The nice thing is that you get monthly updates. You might be able to get a good deal on the Pixel 3 as the 4 will be out in about a month. Pixel 3a is another good option.

Ended up geting a Pixel 3a. All these malware reports are making me nervious. I’m not downloading anything from the google play store unless I absolutely need it and they’re trusted.

Thanks for everyones recommendations.