Should You Use Virtual Receptionist or Answer Your Phone? & Our Call Script

I love that @LTS_Tom has the phones set up this way, mainly the attitude that service is first before sales! Not just with the phones, but also in the entire company. This aspect of service first in all service-based companies is sadly becoming exceedingly rare!

If nothing else, that is the key take away of this talk!


Sadly, imho, widespread Customer Service started leaving us in the 80’s, and by the 90’s, only small companies still had any semblance of CS. These days, finding “quality” customer service is a rare find, and the younger generation has been brought up not knowing what it even is. As a consequence, like everything else they weren’t taught/learned, they look at us with mistrust and bewilderment because we’re nice. We also look at them a certain way as well, but we’re old and allowed. lol

I’m not sure about in LA, but out here in the desert, the gen Z hardly looks up from their phone long enough to notice that someone is being nice at all. Millennials are a different story, at least the desert rats I deal with, they do have the distrust at someone being nice and friendly. And they don’t have a clue how to react when CS is at a level I would consider passable! The Walmart here (the only “real store” to speak of within an hours drive) has a reputation of don’t bother looking for help in the store, and at checkout, you’re lucky if you get a “hi” or even a smile!

Sadly, even the small “Mom n Pop Shops” around here are about the same!

Generation issues aside, as that’s an entire topic imo; when you live in a ‘one horse town’, and your choices are limited to start with, there’s little incentive for anyone/anything to be nice or customer first. You either deal with them, or do it yourself. Sad, but the era we live in.

I went to see a buddy of mine up in Lancaster/Palmdale area, and was astonished that the ‘local’ walmart was 30min away, when you can drive 50+ on the roads. Than again, I also remember when there was nothing but sand/dirt up there, so…

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I maybe old school but it’s always nice to provide good service and sales and provide the support for people who come in. I am a fan of the phone should ring no more then 3 times without having a “live” person pick up the phone. If someone needs help they get to a tech right away, if they want a quote or to buy something they go directly to sales who can/will close more sales and turn more “warm” leads into closed leads. When I worked support for a large company and answered the phone or email at 8PM at night some customers were shocked and actually became more loyal that they knew if something exploded they could get ahold of someone at the company to at least open a ticket or fix the issue when needed. I’m not saying do that but it’s always nice to interact directly with prospective customers and is worth the price of admission to have a live person on the phones.