Questions from a newbie

I’m an old retired IT guy who still likes to fool around with technology!

I had a Windows Home Server running in my home for many years, but about two years ago replaced it with FreeNAS but still running on the same 10 year old Core2 Duo hardware. People in the FreeNAS community said I was foolish and should run it on “server” hardware.

So early last year, I built my own “server” consisting of an Asus P11C-M/4L motherboard, Xeon E-2236 (6C/12T) cpu, 64GB ECC memory, 2x128GB Adata NVMe boot drives and 4x4TB IronWolf data drives and it has been running great. However, I now realize that this system is overkill for my use as a simple file share and Plex Server. So sits idle most of the time!

I also use it to run a couple of Linux and a Windows VM in bhyve for testing.

So now I would like to turn it into an XCP-ng system and run TrueNAS virtualized. In addition, I would like to also run virtualized copies of PiHole, Plex and (and maybe my Linux distros and aWindows vm). Does this make sense?

I have seen your video about running TrueNAS virtualized and realize that don’t recommend it, but is that a “hard and fast” rule? It does scare me a little!

Also, I do not have any experience with XCP-ng, particularly with regards to networking. My server has 4 NICs. but I’ve only every used just one. I have two small unmanaged switches to connect my clients, but no vlans. I run a PiHole on a PI and it also acts as the DNS server for my local network. I have been watching your videos on installing and using XCP-ng, but when you get to networking you completely lose me.

While everything I have works great and I have no issues, I hate to see that server just sitting there doing mostly nothing. Just thinking it could be put to better use.

Hope this question made some sense and is understandable.



Personally I would suggest buying a cheap Lenovo desktop and sticking a hypervisor on it.

If you are “playing” with a hypervisor and you also have your data on the same box, it won’t take long for it to go horribly wrong.

I have seen some users running OpenMediaVault and Proxmox side-by-side. If you have a 2nd box you can just test it all out.

Those 4 ports on the NIC are crying out to be put in a LAGG, but you’d need a managed switch … and down the rabbit hole you go.