ParrotOS / Parrot Security 4.6 Linux Distro Review


Thanks for the video, @LTS_Tom. I had been running Parrot OS in a VM in Proxmox (on my Dell PowerEdge T30) and directly from a flash drive on a laptop when I needed it. I hadn’t considered installing and using it as a desktop OS. After watching your video, I decided to give it a try. I’m hooked! I was using Peppermint OS (along with macOS High Sierra) on my MacBook Air because it was simple and required very little resources. The performance with MATE in Parrot OS is actually pretty comparable. I also like how the default “Window control placement” is on the left, just like macOS (this can be changed under “MATE Tweak”).

I was also bummed about Shutter… it’s no longer in the repositories. I’m trying an alternative - Flameshot; it’s similar to Lightshot, which is what I use with macOS and Windows.


It sucks that shutter is missing in newer versions of Debian and Ubuntu, Flameshot is probably the best alternative. I do a lot of screenshots so this is an essential tool to have.


Where you able to get the screenconnect client to install on parrot os so that you could connect to a remote machine?

I use X2Go for remote control of Parrot.

@LTS_Tom Enjoyed the latest review of Parrotit does indeed work and well.Decided to install on an old Dell Latitude D620 64 bit Intel 4 GB RAM 1GB nic it dds right along very pleased with Parrot. Being the cynical SOB I am that is high praise. Going to put on Dell laptop currently running Win 7 Pro that is an i5 just waiting on SSDs to arrive. Well done Tom.

I’ve also been running ParrotSec in a VM on my MBPr (mid-2015), and now I can’t wait until I get boot camp figured out. For whatever reason I can’t get it to release the free space on my drive so that I can create another partition (I plan to give it 50GB since I’ve a bit more than that available).

I like hearing about people dual running on macs!

Hey @LTS_Tom… I am intrigued with parrot and with 4.7 being released I am considering it. I am currently on kde neon and really like getting the latest version of plasma with neon. I downloaded the 4.7 ISO and it looks like it comes with kde plasma 5.14 but 5.16.5 is current. Is that the case? I was running the live ISO so perhaps if I install it will get to the latest version of plasma.

I moved my Parrot installs back to Mate, so I don’t know/

I finally got around to watching this video and recently downloaded an ISO of 4.7 KDE securtity edition, A word of warning… the Md5 and sha256 hashes didn’t match what is published on the parrot website. I used torrent as my method of download from the parrot website, as that is normally a bit faster.

I am now downloading from the MIT mirror and it is going to take a while, if I don’t post back then the md5 and sha256 (I always check both) were fine. I will come back and edit this post if the MIT mirror also has an ISO with a hash mismatch.

I certainly don’t want to install an iso for anything (especially a security distro) with a mismatched hash… that is asking for trouble.

When I try to install guest utilities iso and install on parrot i get

" you should manually install a version of xe-guest-utilites which is suitable for your distro"

Any ideas how to get guest tools installed and running?


I bought a new MacBook Air and am experimenting using Parrot OS in Parallels. I’ll report back after I have time to “play” with it.