ParrotOS / Parrot Security 4.6 Linux Distro Review


Thanks for the video, @LTS_Tom. I had been running Parrot OS in a VM in Proxmox (on my Dell PowerEdge T30) and directly from a flash drive on a laptop when I needed it. I hadn’t considered installing and using it as a desktop OS. After watching your video, I decided to give it a try. I’m hooked! I was using Peppermint OS (along with macOS High Sierra) on my MacBook Air because it was simple and required very little resources. The performance with MATE in Parrot OS is actually pretty comparable. I also like how the default “Window control placement” is on the left, just like macOS (this can be changed under “MATE Tweak”).

I was also bummed about Shutter… it’s no longer in the repositories. I’m trying an alternative - Flameshot; it’s similar to Lightshot, which is what I use with macOS and Windows.

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It sucks that shutter is missing in newer versions of Debian and Ubuntu, Flameshot is probably the best alternative. I do a lot of screenshots so this is an essential tool to have.

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