Opensource ITGlue Alternative

Hello, I just wanted to post a link to our alternative ITGlue that we are currently actively developing. We started the project 6 months ago for our MSP business and wanted to opensource it for other MSPs. We will post a demo soon, installation instructions are in the We apologize for the no screenshots or website right now.



Here is the demo page The login is
Email: demo@demo
Password: demo
Leave token blank

Please do not change the demo user password, but feel free to add some random fun data things, and report any bugs or new features requests on github. Keep in mind this is still not production ready.

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Hi johnny, thanks for that.
I saw your post in the latest VLOG chat saying it was IT Glue alternative. This looks very similar to Invoice Ninja. Did not find any documentation capability in the demo, is that planned for the future?
Would it not have been easier just adding IT Documentation functionality as a module to invoice ninja as they have support for custom modules?

The documentation is the other portion of the application if you click on clients then click on a client name it will open a whole new side menu with all the documentation features. The documentation portion allows for recording assets (device Management) Logins, Contacts, tickets, locations, networks, domains, etc. We used to use invoiceplane in the past but development looks like it has halted. We wanted to build a new design that incorporated everything including IT Documentation, Invoicing and Accounting.

Is the demo site down?

Thanks Johnny, I can see it now.
Looks very good, and the To-do looks promissing, especially UNMS and Stripe integration.

A few questions:
Are you already using it in production, or consider it production ready?
How are the clients “logins” stored, are they encrypted etc in the DB?
Any plans for expanding the recurring invoices section for better contract management (i.e. prepaid hours vs used hours and other contract terms, contract drafting etc.)

Kolok, works for me.

Kolok, we have firewall rules setup to block Tor Networks and IPs of other Countries other than US. We will update the rules if you you are coming from out of country. Hello-IT We are using it in production for our company and has been working excellent although I highly recommend against using it in production until its ready. Its still in very early development, we have been working on it extensively for 6 months now and hope to release a 1.0 by the end of December early January 2020 with a website and documentation to go along with it. The passwords are currently stored in clear text in the database and soon will be salted based off a login session key. Stay tuned for more thanks for looking and showing your support.

Perfect, will certainly keep an eye on the project on github.

I’m from the UK, I managed to access it with a VPN.

@johnny Very basic but that is usually good a little polish. I have been using Suite CRM and it works very well for what I do. Using maybe 25 % of the features but I don’t like over complicating the simple. Good luck with the project.

Looking to access from Ireland…

@lucack, Try it now we just removed the country block on our firewall for the demo app

Hi @g-aitc Thats our goal is to keep it as simple as possible, but we are open to suggestions.


Thanks for posting this. I believe I saw your mention in the latest live stream last week. Anyhow, I see the install instructions. What would be a good mysql to go with? I typically NEVER touch anything relating SQL at work, but wanting to do some non-ITGlue work for the inhome.


Hi @Adis,
Thank you for taking a peek. For a MySQL compatible server I would go with the MariaDB which comes with Debian 10 or Ubuntu 18.04.3 and im sure many other distributions of Linux. If you have access to a webhosting platform that uses CPanel, HestiaCP or some other control panel. In should be an easy installation. If you need further help as your working on the install, I or someone from the LawrenceSystems forums could help.

Big Updates! to the demo/app coming soon… :wink:

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is it ready for production? the demo doesnt work, cant login with the details provided.

Hi @ITechnify the CRM is currently not production ready. We are aiming for late December 2019 early January 2020. We are currently using it in production and has worked very well for us. The demo is broken because someone set 2fa on the demo account. We will be restoring the demo with the latest version sometime this week. We also have a new UX/UI guy from Canada that is going to be working on the CRM’s design and layout, so expect new great things to come along.

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We haven’t forgot about anyone we have been extremely busy in the month of October, we hope to have an update to the demo very soon. hopefully within the next 2 weeks. In the meantime the current demo should be working again. Feel free to input data and provide feedback. Please do not set 2 factor authentication or change the demo password as this will prevent anyone else from logging in, you are welcome to create a user though. Also Big updates are coming… Thanks

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