Netgate pfsense SG 1100 Review & Speed Tests


Awesome review and answered all my questions. Thanks Tom!


Just watched this on YouTube and was equally interested when you said you were going to be using this at home which is what I’d like to do as well.

I think you mentioned in earlier videos you don’t have any IOT things whereas i do and one of the reasons I’d like to use the segmentation to keep my normal stuff separate from the IOT things.

Is it as straight forward as fitting this box after my modem following a wizard ?


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To get pfSense up and running - yes. However, if you want to use VLANS to isolate your IOT devices, it is a little more involved than a simple wizard. It will require establishing some firewall rules and a little planning. Tom has some great videos on his LTS YouTube channel that goes into excellent explanation on how to do it.

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Has anyone tried using the Marvell ESPRESSObin instead of the netgate branded “appliance”?

Thanks Duane that makes it a bit clearer I’ll check out the other videos now :grinning:

Thank you Tom! You answered all my questions! I’m dubbing this “The Little Box that Could” and it will likely be replacing my ER-Lite in the near future. I’ve been convinced that I don’t need Suricata so I no longer worry about that. For now its routing speed is plenty because it still outstrips what my home connection is capable of, and as you said yourself t will only get better as the drivers improve.

Do you have a “store” that I can purchase one of this things from so you benefit from the purchase? Least I can do for all the questions you’ve answered and the great work you put into this video!

Thanks again!

@w9hdg Tom doesn’t have any affiliate links for this device, as he stated at the end of the video.

@LTS_Tom Thanks for the review! Looks like this will be an excellent router for most home and SMB applications where the most advanced thing they need is maybe a couple of VLANs. Until a lot more places get fiber the routing speed will be more than enough. Even when it’s available I wonder how many people will pay for or use full gig speeds? They are supposed to be starting to install fiber here in town in the spring and I don’t know if I can justify doing anything more than the 150 or 300 packages.

Good review Tom. I’ll be getting one for demo for work from home users. OpenVPN and pf-Blocker without degradation for a very reasonable price. Netgate has another winner. Thanks for the review.

@mouseskowitz I heard the affiliate links comment at the end of the video and just didn’t put two and two together when I was typing my message. Its too bad really, I would like to show my appreciation to Tom for all his hard work answering our questions and putting together these really informative videos by ensuring he got a “piece of the action” when I buy the device.

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Thanks, while I do have Amazon affiliate links that do help out the channel, you can also fling money at my via my paypal as well :wink:

But only do this if you have the money to do so, if not I am perfectly fine with the thank yous.