My ISP Gave me DYNAMIC IP how to set on WAN interface

My ISP gave me a DYNAMIC IP address only, how can i set this up on my WAN interface?

There are two types of Dynamic IP - DHCP and PPPoE. If they gave you a username and password, then it is PPPoE. Otherwise it is DHCP. Either way, in your router, you set the WAN interface to use the appropriate type.

Do i need to Disabled the DHCP of my router? and use DHCP on my WAN side?

On the WAN side, you want your router to be a DHCP Client (it asks for an IP from your ISP). On the LAN side, you want your router to be a DHCP Server (it gives out IPs to the clients that ask for them - your computers, phones, etc).

No what i mean router from im ISP disable DHCP , and my WAN at pfsense will set to DHCP is that possible ?

So you are trying to replace the ISP router with PFSense? Do you have a separate modem and router, or is it an all-in-one? (If you don’t know, just share the model number)

No my set up is ISP router with WIFI my ISP said that they will give me dynamic public ip so if that ip will change how will i set up that on my pfsense WAN interface.
if i setup dynamic interface on my WAN pfsense the ISP router DHCP server should be enable but on my Interfaces on pfsense i will see the DHCP IP that ISP router is giving.
i want to see is my public ip on my WAN interface is that possible?

They are giving the dynamic public IP for the ISP Router, probably via DHCP. In order to get the publi IP on your PFSense, the router needs to be changed to Bridge mode, which turn it into just a modem. This also means the wireless from it will stop working.

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Ok thanks i just only set the ISP router to bridge mode , and DHCP on WAN side pfsense?

If you want PFSense to be your main router, and have some other solution in mind for wireless (an AP connected to PFSense’s LAN) then yes.

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Thanks for the helpful tips @brwainer