Linus Tech Tips Collaboration

Just watched a video from Linus Tech Tips on “Preparing for 10 GIGABIT Internet!” This would have been a great collaboration video with Tom.

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I would love this too! Could be some good server building collabs going on here.

Thee cable management is that server room is awful…lol. I would like to collaborate with them on some pfsense videos, but I don’t think I am big enough for them to be interested.


Never say never. You would be a good fit not only with pf-Sense but Unify WiFi in general. A colab would also get you a lot of additional exposure.

The cable management is one thing, but have you seen how he insulated the room? ok is it fire safe fabric but to use nails to put up insulation hold on place with fabric… it is like hey have sat in front of a computer all there life… :stuck_out_tongue: but it is fun to watch his videos sometimes, but it is more a show than actual knowledge and learning something.

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There was an April fools Day episode that made it seem like the server room was on fire.

The video caught me out until I realised what day it was :neutral_face:

Though with the insulation and cabling, its possible to happen.

Between what is shown in that video, and what is in the next one (currently on Floatplane), they seriously were in over their heads on this router and core switch replacement… sadly by the time videos come out, the work was done weeks or months earlier. It would have been really great to see a collab between LTT and someone else who at least knew that yes, you have to program the VLANs into your switch(es).


I have not watched that many of LTT videos, but from the ones that I have watched, in regards to networking tech, they don’t seem to cover much of the details when it comes to things such as setting up VLANS or other network details in relation to networking gear. It’s not that I don’t think they are knowledgeable, it’s more a combination of not being their target audience and not part of what they do each day.


I will admit I found the episode funny from the point of view of them trying to figure out what to do and make things work. I seriously doubt that anyone would be able to get any real technical knowledge out of it, however. Based on the information provided in the beginning of the video, it sounds like they had a consultant they normally worked with but no longer work with (said he no longer works in IT?).

In another video they were building rack-mount 1u server for pFsense. I think it took them a few tries to build it since they kept frying motherboards somehow lol. It was kinda painful to watch.

I watch almost all LTT videos on YT for their entertainment value and to keep up with consumer hardware. When it comes to deeper IT stuff they mostly cannot deliver. There is a video about Ubiquiti PtP Wifi and that is just about getting the two stations aligned and nothing about configeration. Or the “6 editors 1 PC” project that might be interesting in theory but that no IT guy would implement in real life.
But if we are talking about collaboration I would throw in Fiber Ninja to do the cable management.

Definitely would’ve been a cool video since it seems like Linus was using a MSP to manage his network… LTS would be a great replacement!

It was definitely rough watching this, but also very entertaining.

Linus has the channel set up more as an entertainment and tip-n-tricks then anything else. I enjoy the view-point that he takes in regard to the “what & how”. I look to his channels as more of an overview of a topic, and if I don’t know much of anything for the topic, it gives me an idea of what I need to look for for more info (usually end up on theLTS channel). @LTS_Tom, you should reach out to him as he likely would be willing to at least discuss a colab, he did it with Rossmann and he wasn’t all that much bigger of a channel at the time. One would be hard pressed to say you’re not a valuable repository for networking and virtualization.

Good luck with it though!

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Fiber Ninja guy - small but he cleans up some really nasty spider webs - Takes pride in his work. I can’t seam to get my cables on the TV stand organized myslef.

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LTT is playing to their audience of gammers. Why LTT put their server rack under a staircase, what should be a janitor closet I’ll never understand. NO room to work, poor cooling, wire management all questionable. Alas they are creative types and enslaved to Windows. So much could be simplified the simpler the better, fewer things to go sideways easier to trouble shoot. KISS people.

This sounds like all my previous corporate IT jobs. Have you ever had to install a FAN-MASTER 9000 above a rack before?


No, never had to do that but have seen some horror stories including a login router so clogged with dust the fan stopped and to top it off no AC in the room rack placed in front of window. Walked away from that one and didn’t look back.

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LTT server room does have a dedicated mini-split AC unit in there. Not sure on how efficient it is

Good question because they also have a large UPS in there as well.