Learning Curve for pfSense?

Just a fyi, the netgate 6100 has QAT on chip and from talking to others it seems like they are only seeing like 10% increase over aes-ni crypto. It’s noticable but not a huge increase. It’s going to depend on how you use it. See “serve the home” youtube channel about QAT. I like building and playing with hardware. My hardware and use case is not normal and setup for a special situation. I don’t want to steer your wrong. Building and optimizing a system is fun to me, but NOT TO everyone. Some just want plug and play, for it to work, and support if something goes wrong. The netgate might be a better purchase for you with all the hardware already optimized and you just have to worry about setting the software up correctly.

I don’t think you get there without QAT. I don’t think AES-NI will do it. Saying that, it’s going to depend on which VPN protocol and encryption algorithm you use, on top of your specific use case.