Lawrence Systems YouTube & Business 2018 Recap and Our Plans for 2019


And thanks for the Chocolate @pascalbelgium


I’m really glad I found your channel, @LTS_Tom ! I’ve gained many insights and found some great content and producers because of you and your channel!

Also, I’ve finally figured out how I can take a side biz and turn it into a full time gig (hoping that I can make it happen in 2019)!

Can’t wait for the videos you’ve got lined up for the new year, especially your business videos!

Thanks for all you do!


Tom continued success in 2019, like most of your business practices especially your focus on client service and privacy. Keep pumping out the videos, something I am not setup to at the moment.


The forum is nice like it. Glad you moved away from FB as I block FB. The link to SMLR topics I like.