How They Got Hacked Episode 3ight: Getting Started in Cybersecurity, Hacking and Some News

Thanks for the great discussion @LTS_Tom, Xavier, and Moe! The episodes keep getting better and better (even without the beer! Lol).

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well done. Where can I find the Chris Roberts Interview? @2600 Hz Captain Crunch at the Helm. Had family that worked at Western Electric and read the Engineer Internal publication all kind of knowledge.

The Chris Roberts interview is on the channel, same day I think. Stupid YouTube didn’t give notifications for it, but it’s a great one! If I can remember later I’ll post a link.

@g-aitc here’s the link for the Chris Roberts interview:

Thanks for the link, really enjoyed the interview. Great q&a. Chris’ approach to cybersec is so commonsense. Keep on with message.