Hosting your own email?

Hi All,

Out of interest I’d like to know if others are hosting their own email server / service?

I personally run Postfix on Debian, I’m lucky my ISP gives me a block of v4 / v6 IP’s.

For the family I use as it just works.

I host my email using my Synology disc station. I relay outgoing email though my ISP’s STMP server as they block those ports. Everything JUST WORKS!

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I host an email server on a subdomain for clients who I do smart home setups. Selling a smart home to the next home owner is easier when everything isn’t setup under the previous homeowner’s personal email account. Just share the devices to the new owners and keep everything setup on an email account tied to the house. Everything of importance is on G Suite.

Oh, and a friend of mine uses my email server to send out weekly newsletters to his ~100 Plex users because other services don’t like bulk emails being sent.

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I host my own email using Zimbra and a dedicated server hosted at a data-center. Works very well!

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I’m running an Exchange server for personal / family use.
Also we are running 1-2 Exchange test environments for updates etc. in the office.

And for clients we have a big Hosted Exchange platform in the Datacenters in The Netherlands

So no Office365 for us :smiley:

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It always impresses me how much you can do with the Synology disc stations. I know a few people who use the VPN server as well.


Lucky to avoid Office365 of recent. We’ve had at least 2 whole days where clients were unable to login with 2FA.

We have pushed all of our customers to Gmail or O365. But for a handful of people mailinabox hosted on a linode has been solid.

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What ever you are going to use, refrain from exchange. It sucks a lot of RAM and the settings don’t work out of the box. I still (to this day) am having trouble getting outlook intergration to work. I can send mail and stuff but i can’t connect to my exchange server via the outlook application from office365. Which has to do with Virtual directories & other stuff. But before exchange i used Iredmail (opensource linux mail server) and that server is still rocking to this day. I’m sure it’s a beautiful mail server if you get everything working.

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iRedmail missed this one, so when I read your post I looked it up will need to take a good look at it. Thanks for mentioning it in your post.

Does anybody know what Lawrence uses for their company email? I’m trying to pick a new open source groupware solution. Starting to get tempted to stop hosting myself.

They use G Suite if I’m not mistaken. Refer to @LTS_Tom’s message in Sometimes emails get into spam folders

His personal email is hosted by himself. For the company he uses Goolge Gsuite.

Does anyone use open source groupware? Previous solutions I’ve picked haven’t stuck around and now the options seem more limited. Are there any recommendations?

Might want to take a gander at SOGO. Maybe Nextcloud Groupware

I was using Zentyal’s wrapped up deployment of SOGO but perhaps I’ll take a gander at what it’s like to manually deploy and use without their customizations. I’ve contemplated nextcloud but wasn’t sure how well it works with outlook and activesync so I’ll need to look at pros and cons of the 2 platforms. Unless someone has some real world experience to chime in?

I do think, reading between the lines, Nextcloud would be your best bet.

If its for home use. I highly recommend Gsuite or O365 if its more to your liking. The constant headaches of possible being in blacklists and getting around them is way to much trouble.
If you are in a Small Business i also recommend either of the ones mentioned above.
If you are in the enterprise market, i guess you have little choice. Exchange it is, most of the time.

For internal mail (alerts / notifications) I have some janky solution in place, but for public-facing email I was lucky enough to get google apps when it was free, which grandfathered me in with 5 free accounts. So all my public mx records just point to google.

Was listening to a Steve Gibson video yesterday and they talked about thehelm,com. It is a hardware and backend secure email service and is ideal for the home / SOHO user. details at

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