FOSS/ Low Cost RMM Options?

A while back I started using as my RMM, a young product but it fit with what I needed. Now I’m starting to get to the point that I’m looking at alternatives. Here’s my hurdle, I don’t have a lot of room in my budget for an enterprise-class service but want to have a tool that can grow with me. I’ve really grown to like self-hosted and FOSS options for my tools, and have started changing around my tool stack as I can to favor these two main requirements.

So, I’m wondering what everyone else here uses, have used, and opinions on the RMM tools out there.

Thanks in advance for all who jump into this here!

Ok, options to consider: VNC but use over ssh or VPN originally developed at Bell Labs Cambridge U.K.
next Web Admin: last NO Machine. What ever tool you choose log into a management machine via ssh or a VPN then pivot to the the node or user needing attention.

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Really, there are no good open source / free RMM Tools.

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That’s what I’m finding, sadly enough but expected. Do you have any opinions on the tools that are out there? I can make room in my budget for what is needed (especially because it’ll help to grow my business and budget). I’m mainly looking to avoid being in the same spot a year or two down the road. I know that @LTS_Tom seems to be happy with SolarWinds, but there seems to be pros and cons to many of the options on the market (NinjaRMM, ConnectWise, etc), so anyone willing to contribute experiences/opinions (civilly) will be welcomed!

If you want Remote Support / Access then ScreenConnect is the best value for money its also the best software on the market for it.

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Connectwise will badger the hell out of you to buy into this that and the other. They have some very slick marketing and wine and dine presentations. Been to one why they want the big bucks from you.

Can’t say I’ve seen that side of them, and it’s not that expensive … Not for the remote support side of it at least.

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It’s really looking like I’m going to get an “Unattended Access” level of ScreenConnect to start with. I should be good to try it out “real world style” with 25. It looks like this is what I’m looking at price wise ($300/yr).

Thanks for the feedback all, if anyone has anything else to add on the RMM front I’d really appreciate it! I’m getting more and more frustrated with what I have now.