Firmware for Dell EqualLogic PS6110


I know that my request could be seen as unethical but I have to ask…

I bough a Dell EqualLogic PS6110 from ebay without knowing/understanding that the EqualLogic requires an active subscription from Dell in order to be used and download the firmware/software.

Does anyone here as access to the EqualLogic firmware / software and will be willing to share them with me so I can start on a latest (ish) version of the firmware and create the pool etc? If not I have no idea how I can managed this box.

Thank you all in advance.

I would try to see if the Dell website will let you register it. Sometimes previous owners don’t register their gear.

@FredFerrell I tried but the registration was refused as the asset tag shown out of warranty product.

I managed to find out that the last few is 10.0.3 dated August 2019. I feel that that product is no longer making money for dell so why not release the firmware?

I agree, but if Dell provided access to it I’m sure it would keep customers from upgrading to newer product.

Ha… that’s a good point

Hello Fred, I have also purchase a DELL EQ PS6100 from ebay recently and have been going through updating and configuring it with out having a Support contract. I got it pretty much up and running now. What do you need help with?