Firmware for Dell EqualLogic PS6110


I know that my request could be seen as unethical but I have to ask…

I bough a Dell EqualLogic PS6110 from ebay without knowing/understanding that the EqualLogic requires an active subscription from Dell in order to be used and download the firmware/software.

Does anyone here as access to the EqualLogic firmware / software and will be willing to share them with me so I can start on a latest (ish) version of the firmware and create the pool etc? If not I have no idea how I can managed this box.

Thank you all in advance.

I would try to see if the Dell website will let you register it. Sometimes previous owners don’t register their gear.

@FredFerrell I tried but the registration was refused as the asset tag shown out of warranty product.

I managed to find out that the last few is 10.0.3 dated August 2019. I feel that that product is no longer making money for dell so why not release the firmware?

I agree, but if Dell provided access to it I’m sure it would keep customers from upgrading to newer product.

Ha… that’s a good point

Hello Fred, I have also purchase a DELL EQ PS6100 from ebay recently and have been going through updating and configuring it with out having a Support contract. I got it pretty much up and running now. What do you need help with?

Hi Logan,

i have now the same problem, as i bought a used system (PS6500) on ebay. Do you have maybe a firmware file, which is newer than v.7.x

That could help me.

Thank you in advance.

You should be able to get all the firmware and drivers from dell support website, just enter the tag number of the dell device


Hi Paul,

normally that works with Dell Devices, that’s correct, but for the Dell Equallogic, you need an active contract, otherwise you can’t download any firmware for this type of storage. But maybe someone has an active contract and can help me with the firmware file, as this file works for nearly all PS6xxx Devices.

Hello Teuto,

I have the following versions as files :


The latest version is 10.0.3 I don’t have a file for that one but I can give you an image of my SD card, that will work.

Hi Logan,

thank you for your reply, i think the Version 10.0.1 will be perfect.

Do you have somewhere where I can send it to you?

Hi Logan,

can you send it by email?

Hi logan,
I would really appreciate it if you could send those images to me too.
By some drive or by email?
my email is

Hi Logan,

Would you be able to send me the files for 9.1.6 and a copy of the SD card image for 10.0.1, I would be most grateful.


Hi Logan,

If you would be able to send the images to

or send me a link to a drive or wetransfer or similar to the above email.


@L0gan Hey! Was wondering if this is still a topic you are still active on. We have a PS6110 that was missing the SD Cards when I purchased it. I am looking for the contents of the SD Card and you had mentioned you could make a image of the ones you have. Would you be willing to send them over to my email or a OneDrive folder?

Thank you for your time!

If you can send it via email would be the best email.

Still checking up on this topic from time to time.

I @L0gan,

I am desperately looking for firmware 5.2.11

Do you have it?

If so, can you send it to me at