Firmware for Dell EqualLogic PS6110

Sorry but from what I understand the earliest version for the PS6110 was 6.0.0

ok thank you anyway I have a PS6000 and I was hoping to be able to find firmware 5.2.11 to update it to 10.3

@L0gan Thank you for providing these firmwares to the community.
I just got a PS6210. Could you please send me the firmwares you have - Thank you!

Check your inbox for further details.

hello @L0gan would love the firmware as well. I have a ps6100. 1 module is firmware v7.1.14 and the other is v9.1.4 I would really appreciate the set for firmware upgrade.

Hi Logan and team, I joined this forum as I was also searching for Equallogic firmware. Just to let you know I have Equallogic firmware versions :

8.15, 9.09, 9.19, 10.03 (which I believe is the last update). Let me know if you or anyone else needs them.

I have both 64 bit and 32 bit versions.

Could I please get the 64 and 32 bit version 10.03?

Sure, let me know your email and I will share

Can you send me the latest you have for PS6510 please?
My mail is

Update: I’m on 7.0.7 and I need to upgrade it in smaller steps so I’d like to get all that needed to bring this up to 10.03.