Extending a cat cable already terminated

Hi guys, me again, back to my issues, my friend just got the house and it was mostly already cabled with cat cable, not sure which kind, so I was just looking at what he was telling me about the thing, and all cables are terminated in a cable box (not a rack or anything similar, just a box that looks like a electrical box), with all the cables hanging there all or almost all of them terminated, by the looks the lenght that is left with the cables is not that great, is it possible to extend this cables with a cable coupler or something similar and still maintain the posibility of having poe? or is he going to loose something by doing that, and what other options are there beside just recabling the entire house?

I have used something like this before, I had it to extend the cable to a PoE CCTV camera, can’t say I noticed any problems with it.

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is that similar to regular couplers? my friend is not too tech savvy and im worried about him doing punching, altho i could ask. I am with the same problem of having him with a patch panel

I think they are very similar, in my opinion the RJ45 couplers are more of a temporary solution as they can be swapped out, unclipped at any time. However, if your friend’s not comfortable punching then I say they’re just as good. I will say just check your lengths as you are just extending the cable.

Ty, I think that would be the best, im also looking for patch panels with couplers instead of punching them, so its not too much for him to do it, and he can later swap them or i can when i visit him.

Also any good options for floor rack enclosures? maybe @LTS_Tom can help me out? probably a 12u at the most, given that is a 24 patch panel, a 24 switch, a usg or pfsense box, and in the future a ups and nas probably.

Apparently a coupler patch panel is a thing. I have found one here, sorry I’m in the UK so prices are GBP.

thanks dude, yeah i saw the same one in amazon, and looks great for the needs, would be nice if they had a 48 one, but i guess 2 24 will have to do

@meisterveda have you checked to see if there’s any service loops in the runs? If you have access to a tester with length measuring that would help you get a ball park idea of whether there’s any excess length in the runs.

These are the challenges I love and why I got into IT in the first place!

havent checked that, hes going to tell me even the number of runs he has, but it looks like mostly just straigh runs, and i guess a 5 ft or similar piece of cable wont be the worst

As long as you don’t go over the 300 ft limit for length, yeah.

If they are in a junction box, terminate all of them to keystone jacks and put a wall plate on it. Cleanest and easiest method.

yeah, was going to do a coupler to continue them until i terminate them inside the server rack, with a patchpanel that is made of couplers too. no keystone so he doesnt need to do that, just needs to buy the premade stuff

Also, what server size should i get for depth if i plan on getting a R710 server, i was looking at this 2