Don't Upgrade to UniFi Controller 6.0.20!


I guess it’s just dumb luck that I didn’t experience any of the issues. I already upgraded 6 sites before I read about this…

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I see they just rolled 6.0.22 as a fix, not that I’ll be installing it anytime soon.

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I upgraded a couple of days ago - windows based controller - 4 sites - no issues.

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We’ve learned a lot about Unifi updates haha

Tom – I’ll just wait for your response on when its safe to upgrade. I love playing around with the networking items but when it has the opportunity to take down the wireless portion of my network I’ll pass. Thanks for the post.


Hello everybody. This is my first post on this forum :wink:

I already upgraded to 6.0.20 and then also to 6.0.22 without any problems.
Now there is even another upgrade 6.0.23 and at the same time i recieved “[Lawrence Systems Forums] Summary” mail with Tom’s video.

Since i am running Unifi controller in a Debian CT on my Proxmox server and have a backup of the latest 5 version and because of Tom’s video i am going back to Unifi 5 and postpone the upgrade to Unifi 6.

Great you guys tested the upgrade and share it with us.

Issues like this are exactly the reason I run my UniFi controller in a Debian VM (on a Synology NAS). If something goes wrong, I simply roll back to the snapshot I made before “upgrading.”

I was just about to upgrade when I saw Tom’s video. I see 6.0.22 is out. I think I will give it a few days before I upgrade.

It’s now the weekend is it safe to update yet? I do run in docker containers and have current backups but waiting to see others experiences with 6.0.22.