Don't Upgrade to UniFi Controller 6.0.20!


I guess it’s just dumb luck that I didn’t experience any of the issues. I already upgraded 6 sites before I read about this…


I see they just rolled 6.0.22 as a fix, not that I’ll be installing it anytime soon.

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I upgraded a couple of days ago - windows based controller - 4 sites - no issues.

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We’ve learned a lot about Unifi updates haha

Tom – I’ll just wait for your response on when its safe to upgrade. I love playing around with the networking items but when it has the opportunity to take down the wireless portion of my network I’ll pass. Thanks for the post.


Hello everybody. This is my first post on this forum :wink:

I already upgraded to 6.0.20 and then also to 6.0.22 without any problems.
Now there is even another upgrade 6.0.23 and at the same time i recieved “[Lawrence Systems Forums] Summary” mail with Tom’s video.

Since i am running Unifi controller in a Debian CT on my Proxmox server and have a backup of the latest 5 version and because of Tom’s video i am going back to Unifi 5 and postpone the upgrade to Unifi 6.

Great you guys tested the upgrade and share it with us.

Issues like this are exactly the reason I run my UniFi controller in a Debian VM (on a Synology NAS). If something goes wrong, I simply roll back to the snapshot I made before “upgrading.”

I was just about to upgrade when I saw Tom’s video. I see 6.0.22 is out. I think I will give it a few days before I upgrade.

It’s now the weekend is it safe to update yet? I do run in docker containers and have current backups but waiting to see others experiences with 6.0.22.

There was a followup video produced on 6.0.22 – not to ruin the ending but the conclusion I believe was to wait. Honestly I dont know what the rush would be to update controller software – seems like version 5 pretty much meets my needs, I’m curious if your usage case demands newer features.

I am going to wait based on the comments here and the video. There really isn’t any features in that update that I can see that would make me want to jump to it.

I put out an updated video and some more thoughts on the update:


Ugh, we took over another companies client list. 60+ sites. Our controller was a sub point release older than the releasing outfit (who is shutting down their server right away). So I had to setup a new controller and just grabbed the newest version and began migrating. We had a large farming compound that had point to points from our “CO” to several homes and facilities. Everything local to the CO cascaded the new inform URL correctly but the remote AP’s became abandoned and started showing up as being free to adopt into other sites on the old controller. For whatever reason sshing into the APs wouldn’t authenticate either so I had to drive and hour and half and burn a whole day driving around miles of the customers compound resetting AP’s and re-adopting. Hope this new .22 patch makes this process a little less painful lol.

I noticed the Controller 6.x release notes talk about “AP Groups” replacing WLAN groups. I have a number of WLAN groups and I’m wondering if I should be concerned about upgrading from 5.x to 6.x.

Introduce AP Groups feature.

That feature is replacing WLAN Groups and WLAN Overrides. It’s a breaking change and some corner cases may not covered by migration.

Has anyone looked at this? Thanks!

I was just looking over the release notes for 6.0.27… it looks to me as though the VLAN issues from 6.0.20 should be fixed according to those notes.

However, I don’t really have the necessary equipment to test this myself, and I’m keeping my production controller on 5.14.x until I see evidence that a safe version of 6.0.x is out.

Does anyone have an update on where things stand at this point?

On the other hand, 6.0.27 is just two days out right now, and I see 6.0.26 was released 6 days before that. Is it just too soon to tell? Wait another month or so and if no 6.0.28 appears then it’s probably OK?

It would be great if there was confirmation however I don’t know if the 6.0.27 firmware resolves everything. I don’t have a test lab either.

I am still going to wait as right now there are not any know security flaws with 5.14.23 and they are iterating versions fast to get things fixed which does not instill great amounts of confidence. They also have removed the data retention settings in 6.0.X but there is a post stating they will be re-enabled in the 6.1.X so I will wait until then.

@LTS_Tom That sounds pretty reasonable to me. I was thinking about it more this afternoon, and there really is no rush to go from 5.14.23 (which is solid) to these potentially buggy 6.0.X builds.

I see that 6.0.28-14280-1 is now available.

Think I’ll wait a bit longer - the frequent releases of the 6.0.2X series doesn’t fill me with confidence