Creating a Server for CCTV storage and monitoring

So currently we have 3 different NVR’s with 24cctvs connected each(cctv brand varies). And the NVR’s software is not the same with the other which make it hard to setup in our managers computer for viewing purposes.
Is it possible to just build a server for CCTV storage and monitoring with software that’s actually has a good UI for all 72CCTV’s that we have?
Anyone has experienced setting it up on “Blue Iris”? Thanks for suggestions.

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I only demoed Blue Iris, but it’s website says it’s only good to 64 cameras.

Axis software might work for you. They have a tool on their website that will test the compatibly of their software with your cameras. From there you can build out the storage that you need to handle the IOPs that your cameras are/will be generating.

If you’re only recording on motion, resolution and other things will determine how much hardware you have to throw at it. You should have a good idea of that with what you have in place now.

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thank you sir, I’ll try to check the website…

I have never used blue iris but a couple things to check out


I’ll first test the zoneminder…

I’m starting down a slightly similar path soon for a client and have started looking at BlueIris and ZoneMinder. ZM looks like it has the chops, but far less “intuitive”. Would love to hear how it goes for you @mariem56, as it seems there may be a similar demand in my area in the near future.

For now we have currently 75CCTV’s and It’s problematic for our boss to switch applications to be able to monitor each CCTV group…

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While might get a bit pricey in the short term, I’m thinking that there may be an option in the video Tom posted today.

I need to look into it further, but at least for my potential situation there may be a pathe forward within that video. I’ll do some research and post what I come up with, might help you out too @mariem56.