Cloudflared Certificates Issue


I recently followed Tom’s tutorial on Cloudflare Tunnels, but I am getting a “not secure” message in my browser after I set up the tunnel with my sub domain. The tunnel shows up as as healthy after the initial config and the I’m just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this or am I missing a step? I currently use Traefik as a reverse proxy, but i’m trying to avoid opening ports on my firewall just to access services in my home network. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

When you ping your subdomain, what IP address do you get?

If you check your DNS entry in cloudflare, do you have the proxy option turned on ?
If you do then check the cloudflare SSL settings. IF it’s off then that will likely mean your reverse proxy is the one responsible for issuing a trusted certificate.
You need to have proxy turned on in your cloudflare DNS, and you’ll need the SSL settings set to Full so that it uses cloudflares trusted certificate at the front end of the connection, whilst still using your self signed cert at the backend for the connection.

If you check the certificate that you have, I suspect its the one being sent by your reverse proxy instead of the cloudflare one :slight_smile:

Also check that your domain’s DNS is also being served by cloudflare and not any other provider (there’s a step in tom’s video that tells you how to switch from your provider DNS to cloudflares one)
To check that easily open a command prompt and type this:
then type:
then type:
set type=ns
then type your domain

Check that the name servers point to cloudflare ones :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback. I will check everything and get back to you.