Clonezilla usage question

I have been enjoying so many of your videos. As a regular viewer and subscriber I really, really appreciate the topics covered. (One of your videos brought me back to the use of FreeNAS.)

I have notices that of the many open source (I’m a linux guy) programs you make use of, one of them is Clonezilla.

I have used Clonezilla for years and like it very much. What I don’t like about Clonezilla is the need to interact with the livecd version in order to activate a backup. Yes, I could create a script but, then becomes the challenge to incorporate the script into the livecd. This is something I haven’t tried in a few years (2 or 3 years, maybe) and may have become easier, I do not know at this moment.

I wondered if you may have created such a script and if so, suggest a video about how that was done?

Or maybe you have drifted away to some different process for image backups?

Welcome @awrdsbob! I haven’t had time lately to get into clonezilla yet, I’ve been sticking with rsync for what little I take care of (I know, I know). If I get some time this weekend and no one else has answered yet I’ll take a look at this and post up what I find.

Happy to have you here!

I don’t use it often enough to bother writing scripts as I only really use it to clone machines. As for image based backups, I am usually doing that with what ever hypervisor the system is running in. For example, we are using XCP-NG so it is handling all the image based back ups.

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What software are you using to convert machines from esxi or hyperv to import them into XCP? I have tried using xen-convert with no luck.

Thanks Tom for taking the time to answer my question. I appreciate it.