Chat Option for Members


Will there be some kind of libe chat option on the forum? So that members can chat? If they enabled it in the Profile?


I think there might be a plug in that I can compile in for it, I will have to do some testing to see how well that works. Another option is that I could create an IRC channel as that is something that me and a few others already are using to chat. A third option could be using Discord, but as I don’t use it very often I fear it would not be very well used.


IRC is fine, any other ideas or is everyone fine with a IRC Channel?


I use IRC on a daily basis, so I think IRC would be the way to go for live chat.


Thanks for putting this together Tom. Excited to be part of the forum!


I like the IRC option, or perhaps a Teamspeak server? That could be kinda fun!


discord would be nice to use, but I like the idea of irc.


IRC is fine, but needs to be easy to access for everyone.
Chat is also more to do one on one or quick questions to someone or a room, that don’t need a seperate topic.


I have not done much with it as a platform, but using Matrix / with a Riot clien looks like an interesting option. Riot is a web interface for Matrix, but there are clients that can connect to it, as well as phone apps. I built this room for testing.