Changing Career path to Linux Admin

Hello all and thank you.

I have recently decided to change my Windows help desk path to Linux. I am no stranger to command-line, in fact I really enjoy it. After I complete my Network+ Cert, I’m going all in with Linux. I have no clue what career path yet.

I know there’s a ton of youtubers and sites with plenty of info though I would appreciate any other advice on getting started. I’m in my 40s with a family so perhaps any online course suggestions?

Special thank you to @LTS_Tom for igniting the Linux spark

Wish me luck guys!

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On line courses source: Linux Foundation; Red Hat; edx, all good sources. If you are looking at the Enterprise market then after learning the basics take the Red Hat courses. To get started just down a distro and have at it. Many very good books on Linux one by Mark G Sobell comes to mind excellent command and scripting reference he also has a blog On youtube there is learnlinuxtv another good source. Nothing like old school print though. Good luck may the Penguin be with you.


Can’t beat old school learnin!

Good Luck & May the Tux Be With You! :penguin:

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Plurasight has a 40 hour course designed to get you ready for the Linux admin cert from the Linux Foundation or Redhat. They have a ton of other Linux stuff as well. Not sure how much a subscription costs since work pays for it.

1 Like is also a good one. They even offer some of the courses for free so you can take a look at how they work before you sign up.

Good luck. I’m just getting started with an MSP for the first time so I’ll be spending the next 12-24 months getting down and dirty with Windows Server but after I’m no longer green getting some decent Linux training is definitely on my radar.

Thanks all for the info. I am looking at them now. Any word on Udemy?