Changing Career path to Linux Admin

Hello all and thank you.

I have recently decided to change my Windows help desk path to Linux. I am no stranger to command-line, in fact I really enjoy it. After I complete my Network+ Cert, I’m going all in with Linux. I have no clue what career path yet.

I know there’s a ton of youtubers and sites with plenty of info though I would appreciate any other advice on getting started. I’m in my 40s with a family so perhaps any online course suggestions?

Special thank you to @LTS_Tom for igniting the Linux spark

Wish me luck guys!


On line courses source: Linux Foundation; Red Hat; edx, all good sources. If you are looking at the Enterprise market then after learning the basics take the Red Hat courses. To get started just down a distro and have at it. Many very good books on Linux one by Mark G Sobell comes to mind excellent command and scripting reference he also has a blog On youtube there is learnlinuxtv another good source. Nothing like old school print though. Good luck may the Penguin be with you.


Can’t beat old school learnin!

Good Luck & May the Tux Be With You! :penguin:

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Plurasight has a 40 hour course designed to get you ready for the Linux admin cert from the Linux Foundation or Redhat. They have a ton of other Linux stuff as well. Not sure how much a subscription costs since work pays for it.

1 Like is also a good one. They even offer some of the courses for free so you can take a look at how they work before you sign up.

Good luck. I’m just getting started with an MSP for the first time so I’ll be spending the next 12-24 months getting down and dirty with Windows Server but after I’m no longer green getting some decent Linux training is definitely on my radar.

Thanks all for the info. I am looking at them now. Any word on Udemy?

In addition I recommend finding any local Linux groups in your area. They circulate a ton of jobs there as well.

I’ve had some mixed feelings about udemy. But for the most part it’s good, just depends on the instructor. Most are good, and the rating system there seems legit. Though, it has been a couple years since I was there.