Aspiring cyber security noob asking the pros

I have been a big fan of this channel for a little while now. I wouldn’t of even attempted to install pfsense and plug-ins without it. That being said I am so excited with how they got hacked and the way the channel is adding cyber security more and more. The past two interviews were great.

As someone that has already been working towards getting into the field I wanted to ask the working pros that belong to this community some questions. How much programming do I need to know to be effective, if any. Programing has been very irritating, and I don’t want it to be a reason I wouldn’t be effective.

I think it would be cool to have a cyber category in the forums as well. I didn’t really know where to throw this post.

Programming helps but is not completely necessary as I am not that great of a programmer. But understanding scripting I would say is very important as it help with automating the tools and parsing data.

We are going to add more categories :slight_smile:


If programming is not your thing, then work towards securing wifi networks. To do that will require you to become comfortable with command line, which, in time, will make you more comfortable with programming and, as Tom stated, scripting.

A cheap way to start is to Install Kali linux on an old laptop and start learning (youtube/blogs/websites) about how to attack your own personal network. Start with WEP, and then move on to WPA and WPA2.

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Thanks for the input. If its just learning the basics then maybe it won’t be so intimidating.

What about programming have you found irritating? I’ve been thinking about doing so basic tutorials about programming, not only because the best guides out there are old and outdated and the rest are crappy and don’t explain the concepts properly (if at all). Another reason I’m thing about this is because if I teach the basics I’m less likely to forget them.

I am a bit time strapped, but if you’d be willing to be my guiding guinea pig you could help me see what needs to be taught from the “other side of the desk”. What do you think @Kalifornia909?

The first thing I find intimidating is the options. It’s kind of like me picking a linux distro. So many options and I don’t want to pick something that is inevitably be a time waster for my goals. I think that if I could find something that I know would be valuable it would make the first few steps easier and motivation to keep going until I get it easier.