Apache Proxy Video Suggestion

Hi Tom. First I must say that I really enjoy your commentary and walkthroughs on YouTube. Hope you can keep finding enough time around you busy schedule to keep posting!

I’ve seen a couple videos now where you mention using Apache as an SSL proxy for XO and for your public facing ScreenConnect server. Any chances of making a video covering installation and hardening of the server?



I’d also like to see this video! I’ve kind of got it going but would like to see how you do it @LTS_Tom!

I will see what I can do. Those videos are a bit tricky to make due to the deeply technical nature of them, but I would like to do it for sure. (it’s all about finding the time)

If you wanted to setup a proxy you could look into Caddy server as it does automatic let’s encrypt certs and handles proxying to services with an easy to understand config.

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That is an option https://caddyserver.com/

I was going to ask for a video on how you handle your internet facing servers ssl certificates but I seen this post which is pretty similar.

I would also be very interested in this. Cady is okay but I’d also like to see your take on setting up a proxy server with Apache or even NGINX. I would also be interested in how you handle end to end encryption from the proxy server to the internal LAN servers. Do you copy the certificates from the proxy server to the LAN servers as needed or do you use self signed certificates set up from pfSense or Freenas as the CA?

As always thanks so much for your tips and tricks that you share!!