Apache Proxy Video Suggestion


Hi Tom. First I must say that I really enjoy your commentary and walkthroughs on YouTube. Hope you can keep finding enough time around you busy schedule to keep posting!

I’ve seen a couple videos now where you mention using Apache as an SSL proxy for XO and for your public facing ScreenConnect server. Any chances of making a video covering installation and hardening of the server?



I’d also like to see this video! I’ve kind of got it going but would like to see how you do it @LTS_Tom!


I will see what I can do. Those videos are a bit tricky to make due to the deeply technical nature of them, but I would like to do it for sure. (it’s all about finding the time)


If you wanted to setup a proxy you could look into Caddy server as it does automatic let’s encrypt certs and handles proxying to services with an easy to understand config.

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That is an option https://caddyserver.com/