Anyone have any experience with Sandler Partners?

Has anyone had any dealings with Sandler Partners? It seems they are a sales connector of sorts in that they help connect IT providers with clients. Someone reached out to me in a DM on Reddit asking if I’d be interested in becoming a provider with them and I’m starting to think it might be a good idea for my particular situation to help with finding good clients because my market is rather small and podunk.

I figured I see if anyone here has any knowledge or dealings with them as part of my OSINT research.

Thanks in advance!

Never heard of them, but I have never found a services that actually brings in quality leads so I would be very skeptical.

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I am, but ya know the saying: “keep throwing shit to the wall until something sticks”.


Until it takes up too much of my time, I’m not opposed to adding into the other marketing things I do.

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Sandler, if this is the same company I know of, started as a sales training outfit. Primary focus was B2C sales organizations. No did not mean no lots of objection handling and closing techniques. Grossly over priced. Apparently they have added services but I have found all of these outfits want your money promise the sun moon and the stars and DELIVER SCHLOCK. Somy advise is to run not walk.

So, I got on the phone with them and seems that I had misunderstood some of the offerings they have. Unless I get into the VoIP game, they won’t bring me any leads. It seems that the main thing they offer is a way to get the backroom deals offered by the ISP, VoIP, Cloud, etc companies. I’m going to go a bit deeper into the rabbit hole on this one and see where I end up. The nice thing is that I don’t have to reach into my pocket to give them any money, ever. They get paid by getting a slice of the commissions from the providers. I still have to do a close review of the agreement they sent me, and get a better understanding of exactly what they do, but it seems they are now simply a broker between MSPs/VARs and the major providers.

We’ll see, I’m treading lightly.

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From your interactions and their half baked (imho) website, sounds like they’re third party contractors. HQ is here in the OC, slightly better than LA based, but still pretty shady by default, and I live here…

Looking forward to hearing how your rabbit hole dive shows its exit though.

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@kingsolmn If you are looking for a broker/ agent for telcom take a look see at Micro Corp.

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