8 Port Unifi Aggregation switch issues with more than 2 aggregated port groups

I was wondering if anyone has played around with the 8 Port USW-Aggregation switches and run into any issues if you try and create more than 2 aggregation groups ?

I have a few USW-AGGREGATION switches (the 8 port version) and sadly when I create 2 aggregate groups, containing 2 ports each, I seem to run into an issue when I create a 3rd aggregated group where the SFP+ ports don’t get a link when they are plugged in.
The ui.com interface lets me create a 3rd aggregation with no errors, but when I plug into the ports from another unifi switch which is also setup for aggregation, I get no link light. I also had the same when plugging it into my pfSense 7100 as well. The minute I undo the aggregation and turn the ports back into switch ports the link comes back up.

Thinking perhaps I was running into an issue with my neighbouring device, I decided to undo one of the other aggregated ports, essentially bringing me down to only having 1 aggregated port group, I then redid the aggregation for my switch and voila I get a link now and it works. Then when I re-establish the other aggregation that I just removed to get my switch aggregation working, that aggregation then exhibits the same issues that my previous one had.

It seems there’s a limit of only 2 aggregations on those 8 port switches. Does anyone know if this is by design or if this another issue similar to the one the 32-port ones had a while back ?

I know there’s a limit on the number of RJ45 modules you can use in these switches, but I am using just 10Gb SFP+ fibre modules so I should be fine.

I have also raised a ticket with Unifi support about this and will report back what they say as well, but I was curious to see if anyone else had run into similar issues ??

I don’t know what the limit is for agg groups but I know there is special requirements.

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